BookType / Bitsetting on the TS-H652D

I live in China… and I got a TS-H652D a while ago (apparently it is the same as the SH-S182D).

Today I tried to update the firmware. Since it’s the same as the SH-S182D, I went on Samsung’s site to get the latest. It didn’t work, saying my device was incompatible.

I searched online for a long while, and found the TS-H652D firmware MO01 and KC03. Both didn’t work initially, but I forced it to update to KC03 with -nocheck on the firmware update program.

I still have not been able to get book type to work.

I’m trying to get DVD+R DL to DVD-ROM.

With Nero CD-DVD Speed, under extra > bitsetting, everything is selectable besides “Set as default.” When I set DVD+R DL to book as DVD-ROM… it says ‘success!’ But when I exit out and look at “Disc Info” it displays the book type as DVD+R DL still.

Same thing with imgburn, says ‘success’ on book type change but DVD+R DL still doesn’t display as DVD-ROM.

Do I have to set the book type, then burn something onto the CD to check if the book type is working (in that case everything’s fine) or is something wrong?


Hi :slight_smile:
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Insert disc before setting bitset with CD.DVDSpeed.
Ensure you don’t remove disc till after burning.
When you check for bitset success after burning.
Make sure you are looking at booktype & not disc type.
Disc type cannot be changed.
Booktype can.

Thank you for the quick response.

I didn’t know I had to burn something onto the DVD before checking if the bitsetting was successful or not… :eek:

Hi :slight_smile:
Yes you do.
When you biset it writes about 4 bits. It is these 4 bits that ‘fool’ the player into thinking that it’s a DVD-ROM as opposed to DVD+ media.