BookType and SOHW-832S, does it work? If so how exactly?


does changing book type for SOHW-832S work?
Because my problem is, I have now tried it twice, I start BookType application from LiteOn website and there I choose to change from DVD+R to DVD-ROM and after burning finished its current BookType is still DVD+R.

The DVD+R I am using is a Verbatim DataLifePlus 8x burned at 8x (used Speedhack because otherwise the LiteOn burner only says that I can burn the 8x DVD+R at 4x … isn’t that a bit silly… ).

Can somebody tell me more here?

Btw. I had left the BookType app run in Background during burning process with Nero Express 6 and in Nero Express 6 I one time activated BookType DVD-ROM and one time not, but that didn’t change anything…

And I am using Nero v6.3.1.15…

What are you using to check the booktype of the burned disc?

i don’t know if i telling somethings new… but with my 832S i can select book-type with nero directly without any tool in background. (see attachment)


but is it then really a DVD-ROM?

I checked with the LiteON-BookType program and there it still says that current booktype is DVD+R after burning…

maybe I should try only to use Nero BookType without LiteON BookType in background…


I now used Nero instead of the LiteON BookType utility to check what BookType the DVD has after burning and there it says DVD-ROM, but LiteON utility says DVD+R.

I now used Nero for changing BookType…
does anybody know if I can also change BookType in Nero Vision Express?

changing book type works with nero. it’s recognized as +r with changed book type to dvd-rom (see attachment)


well… I don’t get NORMAL (DVD-ROM) with LiteON-utility there I get DVD-ROM and not NORMAL(DVD-ROM) but if I use DiscType under Nero I get there BookType: DVD-ROM.
Ah and one more thing: changing with LiteON BookType utility doesn’t work at all… with Nero Express it seems to work because there Nero says then another BookType…

But does anybody know if BookType changing is also possible in Nero Vision Express directly? Because as said over BookType utility it doesn’t work…
ah and between shouldn’t DVD-ROM stand under current booktype because it got changed… I think NORMAL(DVD-ROM) means only that the burner normally changes the BookType to DVD-ROM…

I now updated from VS01 to VS03 firmware and there Verbatim 8x is standard able to be written with 8x…
and there it says really also NORMAL (DVD-ROM)… I didn’t know that so you see current booktype…

but as I said… booktype changing only works with nero…

so I am interested in changing it in Nero Vision Express too…

Booktype changing works in Nero Express you can change the booktype in the Menue “in German -mehr-” for you select MORE in the same Menue whre you can change the Speed there you can change it works good

Sorry for my poor english

well… no I know that it works in Nero Express …

but what about NeroVision Express? Or do I need to create DVD-Files there and then burn it with Nero Express 6?

Sorry my fault i don´t read it exactly. I store vision express Files on HD and then i burnt it with Nero or Nero express.

hmm… but storing takes longer then directly burning I think…

because he needs to copy the files from the temp directory to the directory specified… and split it into dvd files…

Why not use the Bitsetting Tool Pack for LiteOn DVD Writers to patch the firmware to automatically set it at DVD-ROM? I’m not sure if this works on the 832s, I’m assuming it does, maybe you could test it for us.

The bs_auto.exe works also for the 832. (and for the Sony DRU-700a) :wink:
I’ve tried it with original Sony firmw. and now with VS01 and VS03.

BTW, I’ve a Sony, but that shouldn’t matter for this.


I’ll c&p part of my reply to a similar thread here.

“What program are you using to check the booktype? My guess is that the program that you’re using is not showing you the booktype of the disc, but is showing the actual disc type. Even after a disc has been bitset to DVD-ROM, it is still possible to distinguish it from a true DVD-ROM disc. Some programs show you the true disc type, others show you the booktype. Some, like DVDInfoPro show you both very clearly.”

BookType v1.0.0 shows:
Current Disc Type = The BookType of the current disc
Current BookType = The booktype that the drive will set when burning

LiteON IT BookType Utility v1.0.4 shows:
Current Disc Type = The True disc type (not its BookType)
Change BookType to = The booktype that the drive will set when burning

LiteON IT BookType Utility v1.0.6 shows (same as 1.0.4):
Current Disc Type = The True disc type (not its BookType)
Change BookType to = The booktype that the drive will set when burning

<!–LiteON Bit Setting Utility v1.1.0 shows:
Current Disc Type = The True disc type (not its BookType)
Current Disc Booktype = The BookType of the current disc
Change BookType to = The booktype that the drive will set when burning–>

well i can say it does not work on D/L discs -_-
if thay have media id code RITEK-D01-01
i have burned 4 of these D/L dvd and the booktype allways stays as DVD+R DL
regardless of what util i use to set the booktype to DVD-ROM
812s@832s btw all the discs work fine on xbox/dvd mode and p.c but standalone thay allways die when acessing something from the second layer