Booktype 8.4 vs OEM G FW



Can you use this Booktype Management 8.4 with the OEM G FW or is this only used with the official BENQ B FW? If not is there an equivalent for the G FW?

I cannot seem to find this answer.



I think it works with all BenQ’s. Friend of mine has a 822 and works with it. Try it and see :wink:


Thanks!! What are the pros/cons of using booktyping? I mean I know the pros but are there any cons with +R or +RW media?

Can a +RW media be reformated to be used again if burned to DVD-ROM booktype?


You can change the booktype of a DVD+RW back and forth without even reburning it for whatever reason. It’s a nice tool :wink:


I just fouond this very helpful for those that are interested:

They recommend setting the Booktypes as follows:

DVD+R to DVD-ROM (Since this is written ONE time only)



Thanks rolling56…yes that is a nice tool.

I think DVD Shrink allows BT setting as well when burning if I remember correctly.