Books that explain clearly/easily how to build a computer from bottom up

are there any books that will explain in simple english how to build a computer from the begining?
what brand name parts to buy? and how to assemle them?
how much would it cost to build a computer say with with 1000dollars with follwoing general specs:
3.4 ghz pentium 4
1 gig RAM with 800FSbus
128k video card
speakers with subwoofers
17 inch digital LCD display monitor
sound card
about 160 gig hard drive 7200 rpm
a dvd burner
a dvd/cdrom/cd maker
4 bays of 5.25 inch
2 bays of 3.25 inch
rest of course - wireles keyboard, wireless optical mouse

Don’t think so. Technology moves very quickly.

i am talking about building a computer - assembling the parts and the software. that was just an example of system configuration.

My advice is that if you have never built a PC from parts in the past, or was looking behind the shoulders of at least 3-4 times other people built a complete PC fropm parts, don’t try this alone with help from a book.
Maybe you have a small PC shop in your neighborhood and you can talk to them to build the PC according to your specifications, or maybe some online dealers will asseemble and burn-in one for some $50-100 service charge.

It’s pretty easy, if you have a friend that knows what they are doing.

  1. Research - Internet is best
  2. Buy a high quality motherboard. Cheap motherboards will bugger you every time.
  3. Hardware all only goes in one way. If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t go there. If it can go in multiple places, it doesn’t matter which one you stick it in :wink: Note With ram, read the manual it’ll work, but differences in performance;)
  4. Understand what the bios is about :wink:

You can get a “Building and Repairing PCs For Dummies” book, I got one for my friend so I wouldn’t have to be woken up at 2am in the morning with a phone call because his PC won’t turn on and he forgot to check it was turned on at the socket.

I built my first PC without reading any books other than the motherboard manual, most of the cables only go on one way, it was the power,hdd led, switch and USB expansion connections that I needed to realy have the manual by me as that was the most complicated part.

You could get more bang for your buck if you go for AMD, unless there is a specific reason you want intel. I wouldn’t bother with a seperate DVDRoM combi drive as the DVD-RW will write CDs too.

As to the price shop around the indipendant PC shops near you to get the best deal, sometimes you can get a discount if you buy alot at once, and some do bundles (case, motherboard, processor and heatsink) for less than if you buy them seperately.

this is an excellent site for someone wanting to learn how to build a computer.

This stuff is a little more complicated than just reading a cook book. Without adequate background in putting together electronic devices, you may end up with a very expensive door stop. Best way to learn is by working with a competent builder.

You could also use this
It is quite complete. PC’s are easy to build when everything works, which it will do 90% of the time, the awkward bit is when something doesn’t. Then it can be a complete pain trying to find out what drivers are conflicting, what part is faulty, etc…
Just think logically and you’ll be fine.