Books and/or website

Hi there,

I’m new to all this audio stuff and find it really interesting. Does anybody know of any good books and/or websites (apart from this forum of course!!) that give good background information on all this stuff? I would like to know a little more on the theory of digital sound processing: for example, at the weekend I was messing around with some files (using Nero and other bits and pieces of software) and was using “Normalisation” and “Decompression” (I think!) just to see what would happen… I would like to have a good book or manual that would explain all of these concepts… any ideas?


Your best bet would be to do a Google Search on audio information,that should point you in the right direction…Good Luck… :cool:

or maybe look for a digital signal processing courses website. i’d recommend some, but they get into the math of it, and theory is much easier to sort through than math.

however, if you understand programming code well, there are many dsp libraries you can sort through, to see what they do, and how they do it. they will most likely get into math that you dont want to sort through, either. (i think) has good info, from what i hear.