Bookmarking a Dell OEM LG GWA4164B



Anybody know if this drive can bookmark DVD+R to DVD-ROM? If so what software can be used to do this, preferably set to bookmark until changed by the same software.


I hope you mean bitsetting, I believe this can be done with a variety of tools including ImgBurn.


Thread moved from the DVD+RW Video Recorder forum as this is an IDE drive as opposed to one that goes under the TV :slight_smile:


Yes I want to change the Book Type field for DVD+R to DVD-ROM. tied with DVDD (precursor of IMGBURN) but it did not work. probably because this is a newr drive and DVDD is quite old (still works pretty good thopugh0. I will give Imgburn a try, looking for software that will leave it set until I change it.

PS; Sean, sorry for the mispost on my part, thanks for the correction


alan1476, gave Imgburn a try but it doesn’t work for this drive either. giess that part is the same as DVDD.


Nero CD-DVD Speed ? free on

You will probably have to crossflash your GWA-4164 (OEM) to GSA-4164 or GSA-4166 (LightScribe !) before you can do what you want…
Use the tdb firmwares :
or the licked 4166 1.01 firmware here : before the official 1.02 4166 firmware.


Good news just used the drive to back up to a DVD+R and the resulting disc was identified as a DVD-ROM. No need for any bitsetting utilities. Current F/W is OEM Dell D108. See no info on Dell support for this drive or any F/W versions for download. thanks to all who responded.

Update; used CloneDVD2 to make the back up, since I know from previous experience that CloneDVD2 does not do bitsetting it must be the Drive/Firmware that is automaticly doing it.

also found a related thread on this forum that I had overlooked;


The default booktype for your drive is probably set to DVD-ROM already for DVD+R and DVD+DL discs. So when you burn one of those discs with it, it sets the booktype automatically for you. Not really a surprise since your drive is probably identical to a GSA-4166B which also behaves in the same way.


GSA-4164B doesn’t support booktype, have to flash the firmware to GSA-4166B in order to have bookmark, any way, after flashing, your 4164B@4166B will have 3 new features: DMA66 support, booktype support, DVD-RAM support.

Lightscribe is not supported since 4164B doesn’t have an optical location components which 4166B have.

Be care of flash, and good luck boy!


>>Lightscribe is not supported since 4164B doesn’t have an optical location
>>components which 4166B have.
Don’t be sure of that. Some LG GSA-2166D have LG GSa-4164B inside the USB box and are able to do LS.


Tests indicate that this drive will set DVD+R to DVD-ROM as mentioned in earlier posts. DVD+RW however is not set to DVD-ROM. Since this is what I need I will not take the risk of reflashing at this time (PC is only a few weeks old) at risk of voiding any warranty. Thanks again to all who responded.


Good call because even with LG’s firmware, booktyping DVD+RW discs to DVD-ROM is not supported. Currently, all LG DVD writers are that way.


I have crossflashed my GWA4164B to GSA4166B and it does not support Lightscribe, the GSA4164B may lightscribe after crossflashing, but as the drive is a GWA (Dell oem version), the same as mine, I doubt it will support it either, there must be a difference between the GSA and GWA models.