Book Typed DVD

I have a Mad Dog External DVD writer that is capable of book typing +R DVDs.
I have been book typing my DVD +Rs, so my question is, how can I verify that the drive is actually book typing the DVDs? Just curious. Thanks.

Download Dvd Identifier and it will tell you what the book-type of the disc is. Nero Info Tool, ImgBurn will do the same but Dvd Identifier is nice program to have because you can also learn who makes your dvds.

Are you using Nero?
If so, I suppose that Nero SmartStart, if you go to “Extras” and “Disc Info” shall give you the information as it should refer DVD-ROM instead of DVD+R, considering that the effect of Bitsetting is to show the discs as a DVD-Rom.

You can use also cd-dvd speed.

Start cd-dvd speed, open options and select the item as in pic. Then insert a disc and see what booktype have the burned disc :slight_smile:

Great, thanks for the info.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I’m not sure my book type utility is working. When I had Nero CD-DVD speed check my burned DVD +R, it noted the the disk type as “DVD+R” (not DVD-Rom) and the booktype as “DVD-Rom”. So I’m not sure if it is working? Any ideas?

With the option set at booktype as geno shows in post #4 load a disc and open CD-DVD Speed and check the disc type. Shoud say DVD-ROM where as in this picture it shows DVD-R.

Yeah I checked and it still shows DVD+R, so I guess the booktype is not working.
Anybody else have a Mad Dog DVD writer that has this problem?

Since Maddog is generally a rebadged NEC, head to the NEC forum. You might find Dee-27 there or Liggy, and why they are important is b/c they mod f/w for NEC burners. There might a bitsetting trick they have for your burner, but you’ll need to have the model and find out how to discover which NEC model your Maddog really is. Then, you’ll know for sure if you can bitset, or if those two have a program to make your model do bitsetting. :wink:

The disc type will always be DVD+R & if it says DVD-ROM for booktype then that’s fine. Here’s one of mine, correctly set to DVD-ROM.

Jmrock, here’s some extra info. on bitsetting, at least a place to start for your Maddog burner: click on this link. :bigsmile:

I guess then my disks have been correctly book typed if in Nero CD-DVD Speed, it reads Disc type “DVD+R” and book type “DVD-ROM”. I was under the impression that both fields should have read “DVD-ROM”

That’s correct then.

DVD+R will remain DVD+R.