Book type setting on SH-S182D



Recently bought the Samsung SH-S182D burner and want to get the book type setting thing sorted, so how do you do it?

Know you can set it within ImgBurn but it always defaults back to normal after a reboot is there anyway of forcing it to DVD-ROM standard permanently or even so i can burn disc’s with another program and still get DVD-ROM tag?

Thanks in advance :flower:


Unless something has changed, you can’t set this drive to permanently book type to DVD-ROM. I do believe that LIGHTNING UK is working on a fix for this within a new version of ImgBurn that has not yet been released.


Unless I’m doing something wrong, the official firmware doesn’t allows to change booktype for +R media. I don’t know about DL discs however :frowning:


You are doing something wrong! Stick a +R disc in, hit the change button and it swaps the current setting to DVD-ROM and you should get a pop up saying success, the booger is you got to do this EVERY time you start ImgBurn :frowning:


Ok, this time I did with a disc in the drive. After receiving the “success” message, the booktype is still set as “Normal”. I did also a burn after changing the booktype, but the disc was still +R.

Probably I’m still doing something wrong. Can you check your burned media to see if booktype was actually changed?


It could be the firmware. I have a 182M, and I belive that the SB03 firmware will allow booktyping in ImgBurn (resets after each disc), but the SB04 won’t let you change the booktype at all. Which firmwares are you using?


I have the SH-S182D with the SB04 firmware and the Bittsetting works everytime.However my Imgburn always states Current Setting DVD-ROM
after I click change.As stated DVD+R must be in the drive to set booktype, also works fine with Nero, Alcohol and DvdFab.


Definitely works for me. Try selecting an img and having a DVD+r in before chaning the book type. Just the only difference i can spot is that your current image to burn is reading UNKNOWN.