Book Type setting in NERO for BenQ DW1655

I know I was able to set the Book Type Benq DW1640 in the New Burning Rom application, by selecting the Choose Recorder and clicking on the Option button. Now, I installed DW1655 and that option is no longer available. Now in the Choose Recoded -> Options it has ‘Seamless link enabled’ and ‘DVD high compatibility mode’ checkboxes, which checked.

I downloaded the QSuite 2.0 and checked the book type setting. All say DVD-ROM. So does that mean that the book type setting is not available for that burner and the only way to set it is in the QSuite? Will NERO apply the book type setting?

Also what does ‘DVD high compatibility mode’ do?


you should have been able to have the “booktype” setting with the 1655. what version of nero burn do you have? QSUITE 2.1 is the latest version.

I don’t have Nero 7 but read somewhere that the option no longer exists in this version.

My guess (just a guess, sorry) is that bitsetting is now left to the settings made for the drive in Qsuite and that the application will not interfere in the tweaking (Vista compliance ? )

Answered quite many times… :wink:
Example; read this and a recent thread from another forum here.

BTW Sapa, there are many other apps that can “manipulate” drives booktype settings. :smiley: