Book type setting for 760 in Nero?



A friend of mine just called me, saying that he can’t change the book type in Nero (must be Can anyone confirm this?


Plextor has chosen to limit the use of certain functions of its drives to Plextools only, as is explained here: .

As it turned out, even Bitsetting was among those functions initially. As for the PX-755, beginning with FW 1.02 bitsetting has been made available to every software again (and works with Nero

FW 1.02 for the PX-755 corresponds to FW 1.01 for the PX-760. 1.01 is only a few days old. Is your friends PX-760 still running FW 1.00?


It is also possible that Nero - again - “forget” to add the drive to their white list


Hi :slight_smile:
Just upgrade f/w. :clap:


It worked also with version 1.00!


Hi :slight_smile:
My first 760 damaged in transit, so refused. By the time I got replacement, f/w was out. Hence I flashed without trying the drive out.


A very good start to get the 760! :wink:


Thanks a lot for all the replies. I had sent him the most important links and update pages before, so he must be running FW 1.01.