Book Type on NEC-ND1000A

Is it possible to set the book type on this drive? Whenever I burn a +RW disc, the book type is set to +RW, but I want to set it to DVD-ROM for compatability reasons. Is this possible with this drive?

Also, is there any firmware update for this drive? I’ve searched all over and can’t find one.

It seems that the bit setters available at the moment don’t support the NEC drive mechanism.

I want to do this too with my ND-1100 but it doesn’t look like its gonna happen.

Just for the record, neither DVD-ROM nor DVD+R(W) specifications
mention a “Book Type”. This weird name was invented by some
Pioneer guys the night they decided (under crack influence I presume)
to rename half of the fields from the DVD-ROM format. Quite ironically,
this mistake is now mainly propagated by

The correct name of this field is simply “Disc Category”.

Even the MMC4 (r01d) document uses the term “book type”…