Book Type Management v8.4 release

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Lots of successive firmware releases, Qscan, and booktype utility update. BenQ is working hard to replace Lite-On. :slight_smile:

I’m also happy with my Benq DW1620, but the strength of Lite-On is the big support from the community, which can modify the firmware, Untill now, noboday has been able to edit the firmware of a BenQ.

Does anyone know what has changed in this version of the Booktype Manager?

Thats right, but I think thats because, there was no need (except RipSpeed and RPC1, but for this you can get a cheap DVD-ROM).

There Write-Quality is superb compared to LiteOns. I had a LiteOn 832 and I know from what I speak.


So, what is to be gained from the new release? It looks identical to the prior version.

Only a guess on my part, but perhaps some code to identify the DW1620 Pro (drive string) when the drive is released. Or perhaps they discovered a bug in the 8.3 version or some incompatibility with the latest firmware release.

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And now we have also RPC1 :slight_smile: