"Book Type" in PX-716A

Hi all,

I just replaced my dead PX-708 with a PX-716A, and burned my first DVD+R. All went well, although during the burn Nero displayed a mesage I had never seen with my PX-708: “Book type automatically set to DVD-ROM”. Two quick questions:

  1. What does this mean?

  2. Is this a bad thing to have enabled by default? Is it even possible to disable it?

The burned DVD plays fine in my Sony CD/DVD player (just like the DVD+R discs I burned with my PX-708).


If it’s automatically set to ‘dvd-rom,’ that means your DVD+R media will be recognized by your standalone DVD player as a DVD-ROM, which is the same type as the standard DVDs you rent from the video store. This is called ‘bitsetting’ and increases compatibility on standalone players (e.g., some older players might not let you play a DVD+R media you’ve burned that way without bitsetting it)

To disable it, all you would have to do is go under Plextools Pro>Drive Settings>uncheck 'change DVD+R type to DVD-ROM. However, using bitsetting is really a good thing (as already noted), plus I’ve noted no increase in PIE/PIF errors with using the setting, either.

Happy burning!

Thanks for the quick response! I will leave the setting as-is, as per your advice.

However, out of curiousity, I did check in PlexTools, and I see two relevant settings:

“Change Book Type for DVD+R”
“Change Book Type for DVD+R DL”

Only the second one is checked (DVD+R DL). Yet the disc I just burned a few minutes ago was not a DL disc, but the Book Type was changed (according to Nero). Seems odd…


It’s possible Nero used that as a default setting. If you want to enable it in Plextools Pro, just check the “Change Book Type for DVD+R.” I believe the reason it still bitset your DVD+R burn is b/c Nero set it that way, and basically from what I understand is that whatever your last program’s settings are (i.e, using Nero to burn your DVD with), those are the settings used for the burn (speed, bitsetting, etc.)

Yes that’s true, Nero can control the Plextor’s booktype setting as well. But, when the booktype option is enabled via PlexTools, this setting is stored in the drive itself, meaning that it will always be enabled from then on (unless of course you disable it again via PlexTools). Nero does not do this as it can only control the drive’s booktype setting for that particular burn and when Nero is closed again, the drive’s booktype to DVD-ROM will be disabled again. So, it’s recommended to enable the booktype setting via PlexTools so that, regardless of which application you use to burn DVD+R or DVD+R DL discs with, booktype changing will always be enabled (which is recommended).

For more info on booktype changing: http://www.cdfreaks.com/article/150

If I enable bitsetting in PlexTools and disable it in Nero, then burn a DVD+R in Nero, what will happen? And before you answer: are you sure you know what happens? :slight_smile:

Great article - thanks for the link. I made the change in PlexTools, and I appreciate all of the detailed help!

Nero will then overrule the drive’s setting and booktype will not be used. When Nero is closed, the setting will return to what was stored in the drive, so in your case it will be enabled again. But, it’s just best to have it enabled :iagree:

Of course, I was just curious. Thanks for the information. :slight_smile:

Nero does not do this
Nero doesn’t have much choice. Plextor only supports to change the bitsetting state permanently