Book Type - GSA-4082B

Does anyone know how to change the book type on the LG GSA-4082B?

what is book type ? please explain

BookType FAQ at CDRLabs :

Just remember that LG is not going to allow you to bitset… they haven’t got any bitsetting utilities out, and no hackers are working on it IIRC. The new 4120B should be offering it for +R DL media.

LG has history. Since 1999 at least, LG had been supporting and releasing only DVD-RAM and DVD-R(W). It was only last year LG started to include DVD+R(W) in their “DVD Multi” drives which was rather embarrasing for Pioneer and DVD Forum then since the original DVD Multi standard was introduced to isolate and exclude Plus formats. Therefore, LG replaced the term with “Super Multi” to make it appear more “multi” than DVD Multi.

Things can still change. LG needs feedback in order to add new features into their drives. In South Korean market, very few users use DVD+R(W) discs yet because Samsung and LG both supported DVD-RAM and Dash formats and they’ve been key members in DVD Forum, so LG had almost no interest in the lonely formats. Most LG DVD writer users do not even know what booktype is about, experienced or not.

If they can sell their drives including DVD-RAM writing and DVD+R DL writing features and still for competitive prices, why not add some utilities useful to end users?

Visit as well for more FAQs about bitsetting and general Plus specifications.