Book type for data?

Using the BenQ1620 when backing up movies using Nero I set the book type to DVD-ROM

I have just backed up a data partition using UDF and noticed that the Book type was still set to DVD-ROM.

Would it be better to set it back to DVD+R for data and to keep changing depending upon whether or not I’m backing up video or data ? or doesn’t it matter

Personally I would leave it alone and let it set it to DVD-ROM as your DVD reader couldn’t care what it is.

It would have no advantage (afaik) to set it to DVD+R rather than DVD-ROM

Some drives will read the content/media faster when the Booktype is set to DVD-ROM. But some drives have issues with that, eg. Toshiba 1612/1712 drives probably will deny to recognize that media due to the Booktype (DVD-ROM).

I have a Toshiba 1612 in my sustem. No issues with booktype set to DVD-ROM.