Book Setting & Region Code Ques

I want to back-up some movies to single layered DVD-R media.
I want to remove prots and region code.
I’ll be visiting friends in another country (region) and would like to take some movies along for the trip.

I ripped Freaky Friday to ISO with RipIt4Me and DVDDecrypter.

I removed the Coming Attractions and the Full Screen version VOB files and created a new ISO and MDS file with IMGBurn to fit on one single sided DVD.
Both files play fine in VLC Media Player.

1.) Don’t I have to set the book type to DVD-ROM for the disc to be able to play in stand-alone DVD Players?

I’m using Verbatim DVD-R 16x SL media.
I have a Norwood 16X burner that is actually a BenQ DW1650.
I have not installed BenQ’s Q-Suite or checked the firmware.
I was thinking I should burn at 8x.

IMGBurn doesn’t seem to allow me to change the book type.
Alcohol 120% wants to set the country code to my drive’s default.
DVDDecrypter allows me to change the book type.
I selected BenQ.
It seems to allow me to change the book type of +R media but not -R.

2.) Can I change the book type of -R media to DVD-ROM?
If not, does that mean I cannot use the verbatim 100-pk 16x DVD-R SL I
just got for movies? Do I have to get DVD+R media?


Nevermind, I thought I knew the answer to my own question but I had two programs referring to my media as two different types.