Book on "tape"

I read a lot of books and would like to read them into a microphone and “tape” on a cd for my blind neighbor. I don’t know what to buy to accomplish this…I’d like to be able to put in a pause between each chapter so she can “locate” where she left off…sort of like skipping songs on a CD. I’m willing to use other media if anyone has any ideas. Thx for your help. I am old and ignorant but willing to learn.

Hi and Welcome!

this can be accomplished with the free Audacity.
With this, you can record directly from the microphone to your harddisc.
To have the chapters required, split the track at the place which is most convenient.
Export all chapters as WAV and burn an audio CD using your favourite CD writing software.

I admit, this was extremely short. Please have a look at the documentation and tutorials here:


P.S.: Assuming you have a computer with a soundcard and a CD burner, you only need to buy the microphone (and blank CD-R of course).