Book industry battling e-book piracy, DRM issues



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Consumers continue to embrace e-readers and e-books, with digital book publishing expected to be a big business in 2011. As the industry turns into a major cash cow, the concern over piracy could lead to rash decisions and more DRM.

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any money you like, these idiots will go down the same road as the entertainment industries. charge the same or more for a digital download, fill it with drm and then wonder why people share what is downloaded. if only it could be seen just how much this attitude alienates customers instead of encouraging them to buy. put out sensibly priced, drm free content that competes with file sharing and be successful. if not, be prepared to fail. simple


yeah these book companies are missing the point of digital books, they are supposed to be cheaper and easier (not having to carry big heavy books, available from any internet connection) because your not paying to have the book printed just the licensing to the author. Sadly they have just totally missed the point and are charging about the same price as a print edition. At least with a print edition you can get discounts (50% off at borders anyone?).


9.99 for books they don’t have to print, warehouse, ship, or anything seems kinda steep.
I think all the industry types need a good slapping for being too greedy, then crying becuase their offerings get shared or pirated.
I’m finally starting to buy Blu Ray movies simply becuase the price on older or first release movies is low enough to make it worth purchasing them to me, paying 10 bucks to download a book, then have it filled with DRM crap doesn’t cut it for me when I can check a real book out at the Library or buy it used cheap and have a physical copy that nobody can mess with.


Tablet devices will make books & digial / rich text & graphics content much more appealing to pirates. They are the equivalent of MP3 players to books. Yep, I agree… ANY money these companies can get for their content without actually wasting paper is a PURE PROFIT for a fraction of per item printing & shipping costs. As with mp3s… it’s going to get a WHOLE LOT WORSE before it gets better… as this is another industry that’s had it’s nose too close to a paper book for far too long.