Book/Bit Type Setting



Could anyone tell me if you can or can’t set the book/bit type on the pioneer 109? Just i can’t find a mention of it anywhere so it looks like it doesn’t.

If it doesn’t can anyone recommend a DVD-+R DL 6x burner which can?

Thanks in advance :stuck_out_tongue:


I did a “SEARCH” for pioneer 109 bitsetting and it doesn’t. :sad:
As far as 6xDL goes I would wait for the media cause by the time thats comes out they will have better drives by then. So your better off just buying the best drive now. :slight_smile:


so far only DL+9 wil be booktyped to dvd-rom.


The BUFFALO drives (real 109 OEM) can set the Booktype similar to the PIODATA firmwares for the 108 drives.


OK, if one were to have {dvmrdm16fb_fw817.exe}, what next?


Finding a suitable flasher…


I’ve had a look at the flasher utility for the Buffalo and it might be possible to hack its expecting hardware signature to allow it to be used to flash a pioneer 109 by changing the drives expectant signature - and the existing pioneer fw might have to be lower than the equivalent buffalo to force it to flash.

There may be some CRC checking going on that would not only look at the signature but value checksum to check for possible ‘hacking’ of course which would take longer to locate and modify…

However I’m not game to try this on my burner since I’ve just bought the thing :slight_smile: unless someone wants to make their burner a sacrificial lamb in which case I can email you my hacked version of the buffalo firmware updater but will accept NO responsibility of any sort directly or indirectly by the use or misuse of said modified updater.


Good luck. :slight_smile:



  • so us retards have to wait for a “SmartOne,” to develop a new flasher…


Appears there is a 109 flasher:

Now what, oh, Smart Pioneer FW “Improvement” Engineers?


What do you want with the ASUS firmware???



  • for the kernel, to match/mod Buffalo FW, which may be need to flash?
  • at this point, I’m just posting what I’m finding
  • so persons, smarter than me, may be able to help us retards - hehee

Besides, you said: “Finding a suitable flasher…”


Yup, I’ve posted a link to initial_D’s flasher in another thread. :wink:
Several reports have shown that the flasher works. :iagree:

I’ve seen no BUFFALO kernel yet which would make it possible to flash that fw and use Bitsetting.

The ASUS fw doesn’t support Bitsetting similar to the Pio one.



  • yes, I am aware ASUS FW does not support bitsetting.
  • my thinking is, possible modding (header / IDs) of ASUS kernel, and Buffalo FW
  • where the combination (ASUS kernel + Buffalo FW) might work.
  • assuming there is no checksum or other more complex checking in operation

but, don’t pay too much attention to me, I’m not too expert at Hitachi embedded H8 reversing, DVD type loaders and FW… at least not yet…


I don’t think combining them is a good idea, but anyone who wants can do it of course.
I’ll wait for a kernel provided by Buffalo.