Bond's Q: DVD will self-destruct in 36 hours

I just posted the article Bond’s Q: DVD will self-destruct in 36 hours.

Reverend J gave us a nice fact about the latest Bond movie, Die Another Day. Reporters often get a sample of the movie, so they can write reviews and stuff. The promo DVD of James Bond has a…

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it’s a nice solution, but totally useless =) just read the dvd in as soon as you have it to your hd or something and throw away the dvd :wink:

i hope these screeners will spread soon: i hate cams :4

A self destruction DVD… 4 4 4 4 Q is back!

Make much more sense for Mission Impossible… Well MI3 I guess.

This method exists already for usual CD’s, but it never got the chance to breakthru. I wrot an article(=eindwerk) for highschool about it 2 years ago. If you’re interested you can read it here. It’s in dutch!! Nederlands dus

I recall reading about this technology around a year ago. I didn’t know anyone had implemented it yet. The suspected use was for rental discs that don’t have to be returned…like DIVX movies except less evil. Does anyone remember the DIVX players that Circuit City was trying to sell? It failed so badly that they’d replace your player if you bought one. It seemed kinda pointless to replace them, though. They played regular DVD’s too.

@Redneck, that’s what I always say. :4 but nooooo, then I get labeled a “hacker”… :wink:

You now have 36 hours to rip this DVD before it self destructs.

was’nt this news story posted in another article already told a few days back?

by the way…if the reviews are right the movie may have less of a life.

haha, only takes me 3 hours to rip a dvd to vcd.

Here is what I do not get, how are they planning on getting these DVDs from the Warehouse where they are made to the stores where they are sold and sell them all within 60hours, it usually takes days/weeks to get all of this done. Sounds like a good plan and all, but I do not see how it works. Unless the DVD player laser starts the reaction, it will probebly not work

isnt it something to do with when you take it out of the vacuum wrapping?

lol! self erasing dvds :slight_smile: must be a dvd rewritable :stuck_out_tongue:

Obviously the discs react to high frequency light. I cant beleive no-one figured this out…and shipping them inside 60 hours ? where is your sign ? neat idea tho, i like the concept of there being such a thing as disposable rentals, the only issue being that if you can read the thing once thats all you need. dvd ripping will be around as long as dvds still come out.