Bomb-making lesson goes wrong, kills 21 militants in Iraq

An explosion killed at least 21 militants in Iraq Monday, apparently when a lesson on car bombing went wrong, police said.

Police said they found a camera inside a house where the blast took place, leading them to believe someone was filming the installation of explosives into a vehicle for propaganda purposes.

After a loud explosion, security officials rushed to the scene and found body parts, mostly of young men, scattered about. Six people were critically injured. Security forces arrested four men fleeing.

it is a same that someone cannot send them a lot of bad triggers so this will happen each time.

[QUOTE=samlar;2718950]when a lesson on car bombing went wrong[/QUOTE] Sounds to me like it went better than expected. :doh:



Yes they sure had big ending to this training class.

I asked in passing if these bombers getting them selves dead get their allocation of Virgins…

A friend commented yes, their virgins have bigger penises…

So now they are using this video in anti-propaganda propaganda?
Apparently engineers make the best terrorists because they have the intelligence and (non terrorist) skills to make a successful career transition to terrorist.