Bollywood to set up fund to fight piracy - Indian Hollywood

I just posted the article Bollywood to set up fund to fight piracy - Indian Hollywood.

While for now mainly the entertaiment industry of the United States has been in the front line of the piracy war, now also their Indian collegues have joined the club. India has a very large movie…

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…and people want to pirate this shite, every movie is simply…sing sing sing, dance dance dance, sing sing sing. What a crock of crap!

By making the 1% a mandatory payroll tax, all they are doing is to encourage the poorly paid staff to provide copies to the pirates…think…think…think oh sorry I forgot … they are learning from the RIAA …so perhaps they can’t help the stupid mistakes

mr stimpy bollywood films are not just sing sing dance dance then sing sing dance dance. They sometimes have 5 minutes of talking at the start :+

thats a bit simplistic Mrstimpy…by your standard all american movies are fuck, drink, shoot, pin on the medal…:4…:7

Don’t forget the car chase.

I don’t know if i am correct or not, but when a movie or music is acclaimed as “highly-protected” or “impossible-to-pirate” doesn’t it just give the pirates more motivation? (In turn increasing piracy rates of that media). I know from my personal experiences! :wink:

This seems to be about cracking down on people who copy and sell so all seems to be ok.

Those Indians are smelly pieces of shit. I dont like the them, there country, or there movies. First these roaches take our tech jobs, then bomb our cities, deport them all.

yeah but you gotta admit the phrase “What a crock of crap” is damn funny.