Bollywood chooses HD to cut costs (updated)

I just posted the article Bollywood chooses HD to cut costs (updated).

According to a news published at The Inquirer, Bollywood released the first High Definition movie in the HD format, claiming that this will cut costs.As reported by the film’s photography…

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I like Bluray better, its superb quality and I love it. I love my ps3! :B

Actually the article says they shot the movie in HD and transferred it to 35mm film for projection in theatres. There’s no mention of whether it will eventually be on HD-DVD or BluRay. Remember that HD is not a synonym for HD-DVD.

Neither of them are going to phase out or win. They’re just going to make dual format players and drives, and then no one will care.

Editing in camera? Shell out a few bucks and split an avid station with your industry buddies. And if neither format ‘wins’, this generation will become completely irrelevant. Better for consumers to have Blu-ray take the win now. If defeat is fresh in the minds of investors when the next generation rolls around, there’s less likely to be a game competitor willing to challenge the winning consortium’s next (more monopolistic) format.

“Posted by Zod on Tuesday 05 June 2007 02:46 Neither of them are going to phase out or win. They’re just going to make dual format players and drives, and then no one will care.” As long as the HD-DVD portion remains region free as at present and not region locked as BD is…

Well in the end HD-DVD will probably be the winner, BUT, Blu-ray will still be around, maby not as popular as HD-DVD. I feel it is just the money aspect behind it, DVD has done well, and HD-DVD is just an extension of that format, testad and working. Cheap to produce, easy modification of production lines etc. Blu-ray will just be to expencive in the end, that is my guess. If india and china go for HD-DVD well then blu-ray can say bye bye to the future.
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Macs suck. I want my Betamax and 8 track!

So, no plans to correct the headline or the article once I pointed out they were both factually incorrect, eh?

This is a terrible “article.” The Inquirer article you link to says absolutely nothing about HD DVD. The article The Inquirer links to also says nothing about HD DVD. But you, somehow, attach HD DVD to the article. How exactly?

Why tf should we care about what format India picks ? The majority of ppl are starving there and there are 2 articles in a single week about the movie format that they will use? If this is not crap news, then what is ? :r
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