Out of curiosity… Does anybody here bodybuild? I recommend the website for great information.

What are your specs?

I am 5’6’’, 125 lbs, bench 110lbs, freeweight barbell curl about 80lbs (that’s all I got at home).

Hi, I do more fitness training not really bodybuilding. Surely my intention is to build up muscles but I don’t want to mutate into an overtrained inflexible monster.
My specs:
6’, 161 lbs ( 73 kg, 183 cm)
The website you mentioned seems to be very useful. Will take a closer look…


no time to do bodybuilding for me:bigsmile:

Bodybuilding? I am well on my way to develop a big belly and a fast right arm to use the mouse with. :bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t do bodybuilding, but me and my brother workout and exercise 4 days a week so he can get ready for football.

I’m 19 but not very big, 5’9" 165lbs. 225 bench.

My bro just turned 13, but he’s an ox. 5’11" 170lbs. 185 bench.

I’m a little stronger, but he’s just getting started so I better start working harder so he doesn’t pass me up too soon :slight_smile:

btw I have been to abcbodybuilding before, it’s a good site.
here are a few others I like:

I do bodybuilding for over 10 years. sometimes more,sometimes less. the pc takes a lot of my time,so i`ve to force myself for some training every week. (1,85 m-98 kg)

I do not buid a body anymore (have grown out) but as i have a physical job i can say that the body does fine
(sorry that i don’t know about the american system but the european is:)
1.98 m and 70.4 Kg
Not one trace of fat!!

i don’t have time for bodybuilding.

I love computers, and the things you can do with them. That’s why I’m busy, Its b/c I’m learning about something new on them or playing games:)

My specs (do you really want to know??:
6"1", 220lbs. (mostly fat).

And like Trondos said, I gotta have a good right arm for the mouse.:wink:

I love doing exercise, but i also like being on my Mac. So, i have to maintain a balance.

Trying to get in shape. 5’9’’ @ 160 lbs…need to lose fat and gain muscle :slight_smile:

newp i dont bodybuild but i did compete nationally in powerlifting…:wink:
held a few records as well
(bench was 240 pounds, Squat was 411, and deadlift was 365)
but that was a few years ago…i can’t do that now :wink:
now days its just cardio 5 days a week…
workouts on Monday Wed and Fri

Tae Kwon Do on Mon and Wed…I’m a red belt and should have my black by the summer

and the occasional 5K run here and there just to do something different…
and oh yeah once a week on Tues or Wed…there usually a ultimate frisbee game , basketball game, or volleyball game i meet a few friends at…

I guess since everyones posting stats…
I’m 5’7" and 130

I´m more into “Buddhabuilding”…

I need to learn some of that.

Wow S_S!! 240lbs bench!! That’s impressive even if you can’t do it anymore :bow:

I’ve never done weightlifting, but am a bit of a self confessed sports nut. Mostly road cycling in the summer, used to do a bit of triathalon, but don’t have time for all the training now due to travelling with work a lot. When winter hits I switch to skating and cross country skiing, and a bit of downhill / boarding (tho I’m crap at it :doh: )
Also do a lot of yoga.

Stats of skinny, vegetarian cyclist: 5’11" 120lbs

Very informative thread… :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s [I]bodybuilding[/I] ?

Does it have anything to do with beer and Monday Night Football-eh?

Never done any “official” bodybuilding, but I used to do a lot of exercise for kickboxing (that was before I was suspended for life :o ). Still quite active though to keep some shape, and together with some natural/genetic/russian origin “benefits”, this results in about 6’2" - 175 lbs of muscles around massive bones :stuck_out_tongue: (my brain was killed by beer and vodka ages ago)

She’s lying :D…I doubt someone with such a slim build could do that much, but maybe she isn’t

Yeah, I have got interested in bodybuilding, which explains the fact that I don’t visit this site anymore. I’m on, you can find me there, and of course, with the same vdk_au. But damn, bodybuilding is alot of hard work, well not the working out part as that doesn’t take up much time, but rather eating 6 times a day. it get’s annoying and on some days I just can’t be stuff, but I always push myself which pays off :smiley: