BOB My professor @ school made usm all do a presentation

So I thought of your new rig so (It could be about anything we wanted) I decided to do a step by step computer assembly and use your pics because they were so clear & full. I hope you don’t mind but I thought you might want to see the outcome. It’s only 1.04Mb check it out and everyone else to

Great work :slight_smile:

Do you get graded for this? If so i hope it works out to an “A”.

good job…but please
slide #2 change the word wound to would
and on #2 after the words In addition, add a comma there

Slide #3 another comma after the word Next,
and don’t abbreviate the word motherboard…
and NEVER use an amperstand for the word and :slight_smile:
ok i stopped after that slide and just looked at the pics…but you get my drift…
the layout is great…pictures are awesome…now get the grammar correct and that is an easy A for ya!

[QUOTE=Bob;2042004]Do you get graded for this? If so i hope it works out to an “A”.[/QUOTE]

Ye si get graded for this on wednesday & I wil make corrections S.S

Tried to watch the show but it comes back with invalid quick key!

I get the same error

Worked fine for me to view with power point viewer.

I didn’t have any problem last night. I’m waiting for the updated one.

This is what the error looked like:

[QUOTE=cholla;2042563]This is what the error looked like:[/QUOTE]oh i see. Joe took it down.

He’s supposed to post a new and improved one sometimne before Wednesday.

Joe you have a final product for us to look at yet. Tomorrow is the turn in day.

I’d like to see it anyway if you would please. I thought the first one was good. PM me a link if you want to.

I feel proud you picked my build for your project :flower: