Bob Dylan Says Modern Music Is Worthless

"Noting the music industry’s complaints that illegal downloading means people are getting their music for free, he said, “Well, why not? It ain’t worth nothing anyway.” Link

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Bob Dylan is complaining about the results of mastering the CDs, not about any missing quality in the music itself.

A big part of this is the Loudness War which has no winners, but many losers - including all audiophiles. The albums mistreated in this way are the casualties of war.

Bob Dylan is just one of the losers in this war and he has suffered some casualties.

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Noted Mastering Engineer Doug Sax — in an AES talk entitled “Whatever Happened to Dynamic Range and Why?” — put the problem succinctly: “The biggest virtue of the LP record — and why dynamic range is gone — is that it could not be played in the car.”
Doug Sax is, one of the premier Mastering Engineers on the planet…
Here’s a link that explains it from a Mastering Engineer’s perspective…
Compression In Mastering

Hey, I got 5 of the CDs from that Honor Roll! :slight_smile:

[B]Body and Soul [/B] - Joe Jackson
[B]Dark Side of the Moon[/B] - Pink Floyd
[B]Amused to Death[/B] - Roger Waters
[B]Sergeant Pepper[/B] - Beatles
[B]Brand New Day[/B] - Sting

An agreement! :iagree: Very little good stuff anymore.

I disagree. There’s plenty of good stuff out there, you just have to know where to look. Admittedly a lot of the current crop of corporate music out there is repetitive, formulatic garbage where every bubble-headed bleach-blonde bimbette sounds exactly alike, but if you look real carefully outside of big corporate music, you can find a whole slew of artists worthy of listening. For example, there’s an online-only “radio station” called Whole Wheat Radio ( out of Alaska that features independent artists. I’ve “discovered” several artists I would have never found about if I had relied on what big corporate radio (like Clear Channel - a.k.a. “the Borg”) offers. Plus there are still some radio stations in the U.S. and overseas that play a lot of music by non-corporate artists or lesser-known artists that might and should have a wider audience.

Anyway, that’s my two cents worth on the matter.

What I cant understand is WHY the industry cant agree on some volume standard for every CD made in civilized world. That way the audiophiles will be happy and regular folk wont have the problems with their car changers. Besides if some releases are crap it dont matter how loud u play it, it will only make crap bigger.

Well Bob Dylan is an old fart. Just kidding I realy like his stuff. I read some of it, and that was pretty interesting although I don’t agree with that cd list. Where in the world is Dire Straits self titled album? That’s right up there on sound quality even on a shitty system. Gov’t Mule just came out with a new album ( High and Mighty). Best thing i’ve heard in years.

I have these…but rip’t from original untouched vinyl…mastered by me… :eek: …they sound amazing…:slight_smile:

i think what dylan is implying is that music in general isn’t worth anything. it’s really just words on a page, or words being sung.

his music is no different from paris hilton’s in that it has no intrinsic value. it’s value lies in people’s interpretations or reactions to it…monetary value SHOULD have nothing to do with an artists motivation to make music, but it often does.

I’ve always thought that my Talking Heads cds were some of the best sounding ones I have. Steely Dan too.

One thing I’ve noticed is that as compressed music gets more popular, more and more people think mp3s sound good… maybe through fairly cheap headphones, but on a decent high res system, I doubt it.

Well, I think some of his music is worthless. :iagree:

Mmmm I don’t like Bob much, his voice can get extremely annoying. But yeah he’s actually right, but I suppose he meant modern [I]mainstream[/I] music. Generally those things suck all

I disagree! Music of his time was called trash by elders.

I don’t consider myself an elder; I like almost all kinds of music. However, I do think that a lot of new music is crap. It is a bunch of whiney teens, most of whom are not at all talented, singing music that is not written well. (Don’t get me wrong there is some good stuff still being made, just a lot of the mainstream stuff I hear sounds like crap to me. I think that todays mainstream music is worse than in the past.) Dylan didn’t have a good voice (at least not technically); however, his voice did have a certain charm (like Springsteen or Waits). And nobody can deny his writing abilities or the fact that a lot of times he had fine musicians.

Ps. I know some of Dylan’s 80’s work was a bit lame or even BAD (Saved was I think one of his worst albums).

One final note, I think Dylan was talking about the sound quality of the music, not the musical quality.

I have to say ‘modern’ music is far less creative it seems, especially American offerings. The only music still on the cutting edge (granted, from my limited exposure/spectrum) is generally Latin (Spanish) pop/rock with singers like Shakira, Juanes, groups like Maná. Maná is especially a master at reinventing songs and many times using them for social commentary. Sadly, they seriously bombed on their newest release (Amar es combatir). Otherwise, one of the few American artists I see that is still cutting edge is Joe Satriani with his rock guitar instrumentals. Other than that, rock died after about 1990, and the grunge/distorted stuff is too off the wall, too loud and just too ‘ugh’ in general. Country is largely cookie-cutter stuff, with different singers and voices, but the same themes, music. The Mavericks and Shania Twain started some innovative infusions, but Shania has gone more commercial and things in general are too commercial and not enough individual. Modern pop is a joke and the radio is basically worthless to listen to.

My tastes may skew this some, but I have to agree that at least on the creation front, there’s far less imagination and original thinking, with just a general sense of complacency building in, rather than a real desire to ‘buck the status quo’ in at least American music.

I read about this awhile ago. He is an idiot. Sure a lot of music today kind of sucks, but not everything. Their is still good stuff out there.

If you read the original story linked in the first post, you will se that Bob Dylan is not saying that the music itself sucks, but that the way the CDs are mastered makes them sound awful.

There’s a huge difference!