Bob DeStone



Well Mr Bob DeStone put his post in the wrong thread for some reason so i opened a new thread in the noob forum to answer his question.

What you have to do is;

Choose the file you want renamed, right click, then hit propities. After this click the summary tab, click advanced and fill in the information. This is where windows media player gets its information from.


if someone has posted in the wrong thread you should answer the question in the same thread (so people will find it based on a search, so people know what the heck you’re talking about, and so, in effect, you don’t end up “double posting” FOR the person haha)

next time just reply in that thread and alert a MOD. they can move the thread if they need to :slight_smile:

just thought I’d put that out there since i hav eno idea what this thread is referring to.


Let me know what thread/post this pertains to, so I can fix things.


They put a question in “the quest for the longest thread” :stuck_out_tongue: