Board connectors in DMR-ES30VEBS? (Please help!)



Hi, I just joined this forum to try to get some help from all the knowledgeable members here. My Panasonic DMR-ES30VEBS has failed recently - it only works within a minute or two of being plugged in, and then goes completely dead. I don’t know much about electronics, but I opened it up to see if there were any bad capacitors. I think one looks bad: c1209

I’m trying to dismantle it and remove the board so I can try replacing that capacitor, but I have no idea how to disengage these board connectors:

This model is a combo VCR/DVD recorder, and has two main boards connected by these connectors. I’m trying to disengage these connectors so that I can just remove the smaller board (the one on the bottom of the photo below), without having to dismantle the VCR mechanism over the larger board.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I just don’t want to rush into it and break the connectors…


Grasp the ends of the connector and lift up. See the attached photos.


Thank you SO much VoxHumana, those pictures are amazingly helpful, they explain it so clearly! Hopefully I can get my machine working again thanks to your help :smiley:


[QUOTE=zombi01;2529954]Thank you SO much VoxHumana, those pictures are amazingly helpful, they explain it so clearly! Hopefully I can get my machine working again thanks to your help :D[/QUOTE]

US/Canadian DMR-ES30V models have the power supply mounted atop a platform to the rear, as seen in the first photo. Capacitor replacement is simplified with this design. When fitting the front panel back to the case take care to hold the VHS door open, as seen in the second photo. This will assure proper alignment of the door lifting mechanism.

Capacitor replacement advice is posted at this MyCE thread:

and at this AVS thread:

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Just a little update: I finally got a chance to buy a replacement capacitor, and it’s working again! (so far…) I replaced the bad cap rated at 10v and 680uF with a 10v 1000uF cap (the closest that the shop had).

Yeah, the design of the US version looks like it makes the procedure much more straightforward. I have the UK version with 2 SCART sockets.

Your tip about the VHS door was a huge help, thanks. I would never have noticed that until I had reassembled the unit and noticed my mistake!

The only difficulty I had was that I also cleaned the spindle in the DVD drive, and I replaced the lid incorrectly, blocking the mechanism that allows the tray to come out. The only way I could rectify this was to power on the unit without the lid, open the tray, shut off the unit (and disconnect power), and then replace the lid.

Thanks again VoxHumana, it was actually thanks to some of your old posts (as DigaDo) that I got the idea of trying to replace bad capacitors instead of just throwing out the unit! It’s really cool that you’re so generous with your time and knowledge helping people keep their older machines running.