Bo Ying discs: anydvd cannot remove region restrictions

For some reason, Bo Ying discs (a little-known chinese dvd company that releases very well known classic films unavailable in region 1) can be backed up by anydvd/clonedvd combo, but the backed up copies remain region coded, even though the “information” window for anydvd shows the copies as being region free. Playing these discs on region 1 players is impossible. These are the discs I tried:

Bo Ying “Ivan’s Childhood” (Tarkovsky) region coded to 6

Bo Ying “Miracolo a Milano” (De Sica) region coded to 6

I’m using Anydvd, but this error has also happened with every version of anydvd prior to…any ideas?

try using hte latest version of AnyDVD which is

Are you actually receiving a message that says it’s the wrong region?

Is this issue a because of NTSC/PAL?


That’s what’s weird about it. The backed up copy, when scanned by Anydvd, says it’s region free (not region coded). When the disc is played on a desktop player, the “wrong region” message is displayed…I will try the latest version of Anydvd, but I bet you it will not work. Will report later.