BMG to test 'rip'-proof CDs

I just posted the article BMG to test ‘rip’-proof CDs.

Recently we reported about SafeAudio a new protection that should disable consumers from ripping CD’s to MP3 files.

Now BMG Media is introducing another technology called MediaCloQ that has…

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Oh well, if you can play it, then you can record it! :stuck_out_tongue:

HAHAHAHA…god these guys are so pitiful…I don’t know whether to laugh at them or feel bad for them thinking that they can actually make a “non-ripable” cd. Oh well it’s entertaining to say the least.

I am just annoyed with the fact that these protections have to degrade the cd in some fashion reguardless and that is bullsh!t by my opinion. I hate how these companies are trying to force us to use their media the way THEY want us to. Seriously, following their wishes, I would be using my computer and listening to my audio cds from my cd player :r

Instead or racking their feeble brains and wasting millions of dollars trying to stop people from copying CDs (which they will never do), why not stop ripping us off with inflated pricing and bring the price down to around $10 per CD, instead of $18. Then people will just buy them. They still haven’t learned that there are lots of talented people out there just waiting for another hair brained scheme to hack. As fast as they think this crap up, someone will crack it!

What the music industry fails to understand is that no matter how hard they try, they can not win this war they think they are fighting. Music will always find its way to the masses, even if we have to trade stuff we record off the radio…:4

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