BMG to Test Protected CD's on Industry Insiders



I just posted the article BMG to Test Protected CD’s on Industry Insiders.

BMG will

start issuing promotional CDs – the free discs distributed to critics, retailers and other insiders weeks before the official release – with technological countermeasures to prevent…

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waht if you hate microsoft and still want to play it on your computer Microsoft SUX! I use Linux


Isn’t there already hacks for WMA to allow us to convert them to MP3s.


Hi You are quite right about that. Actually I had a similar problem a week ago: This link contains a plugin to Xine which allow you hear and watch streaming WMA + a link to the features page at Xine. Whether it works with protected WMA I do not know. But give it a shot if you are forced to use protected WMA!:wink: Regards RubberDuck


WMA or MP3, it doesn’t matter!!! If I buy a new cd I want it to be topquality, no qualityloss!


They’ll never “get it” If the disc can be played on ANY CD player it can and will be ripped,copied,burned,and most of all SHARED !!! :4


If i buy a cd I want to play it on my computer as audio with no limitation! Otherwise i won’t buy one ! :frowning:


I guarantee they won’t be getting a penny from me for any of these “Copy Protected CD’s” I personally like to make a backup copy of my originals and stick the oringals on the shelf. Until they start allowing us to recieve replacement CD’s/DVD’s they just lost one customer here.


This is what I don’t get: If the cd’s are copyprotected, they probably will have some data-session on it, to prevent it from playing in PC’s. Right? Now how the hell can anyone play the WMA files that are on the disc on their PC, without the copyprotection interfering!? Or am I totally missing something here? Anyone who knows, please tell me, I’m really curious! :slight_smile:


Storm: It’s called non-compliant discs and with that should not recieve the certified CD logo. Unless… CD means Copyprotected Disc :slight_smile:


Storn_Par: The data session on the disc contains the wma files. Each wma file has DRM (digital rights management) features set so you can’t just copy it over to an MP3/WMA player without first paying for it. Although you can access the wma files, they don’t truly become visible to any sort of ‘filesystem’ until you visit the DRM holder’s homepage, register with your details (vital stats + e-mail address) and click on which files you want to play. Then the files are either unlocked one at a time from the data session, or they’re streamed from a remote server so you can hear them. You can circumvent the DRM stuff in wma v2 using the DRM crack that’s out there (use Google to find everything you need), but the main point is this. Whoever sets the DRM level will know how often you play each file until you unlock it and strip all the copy protection crap out. You might not even be able to listen to your music on your PC if you’re not connected to the internet! :frowning: All of this might be right on or slightly off… it’s been a while since I bought a CD with wma’s that had DRM implemented in them.


That’s exactly the point, what dansmug already said. No matter what quality these WMAs are, they are lossy. If i prefer lossy music, then i could stick to mp3 and wouldn’t have to buy any CD. And btw these WMAs for the use on the computer are crappy 64kbps or similar. But I don’t really care since it’s the principle of the matter.


Hey BMG Send Me One Of Those CD’s I’d Like To Take A Crack At It.It Would Probibly Only Take Me A Couple Hours To Crack It.