BMG to replace anti-rip Natalie Imbruglia CDs

I just posted the article BMG to replace anti-rip Natalie Imbruglia CDs.

As you can read in the article again there probelems with the new Natalie Imbruglia’s cd who is protected with the Cactus Data Shield protection…

BMG released its first copy-protected CD,…

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bouaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha :4

Well that must really be saving them $ prepaid shipping and shipping 2 cd’s now instead of 1. Nice to know they are listening to their customers though!

We sent them a copy of this cd. HIIIIIHIIIII

YYYYEEEESSS!! That’ll teach those ass holes! Maybe now they’ll learn: THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!!! ha ha, I hope Cactus goes bankrupt!

Well if enough people make noise about it they have no choice but to sell copies without the protection on it… So what are you waiting for? MAKE SOME NOISE!!! :o

HaHa :slight_smile: Good news. This is just the kind of thing we need to happen with these CD’s. Think ill keep mine though. Handy to have a protected CD to test new software on. I copied mine with CloneCD, which produced a perfect copy that EAC ripped no problems. :wink:

Hey gust I can copy it perfectly and rip all the track with nero except the first one. Which tool can i use to rip these kind protected cd’s? (slurp or something like that mayby)???

Cdr-info also had this Philips controls the CD standard and their spokesman says: “Any changes that put a disc outside the CD standard result in a disc that should no longer be described or marketed as a CD.”