BMG and SunnComm Technologies together in audio CD protections

I just posted the article BMG and SunnComm Technologies together in audio CD protections.

SunnComm Technologies, Inc.
announced today it
has entered into a strategic worldwide licensing agreement and revenue deal with
BMG, the worldwide music division of Bertelsmann AG, to…

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:g yes and “we are the most powerfull nation on earth” “you have nukes so we will taken them away from you only we can have them” yes like you never used them? common this looks like corrupt imperialistic crap :r hey William go smoke better weed man!!!

:r enough with the corporate america nonsense… honestly what happened to people being creative. way to regurgitate like another sheep. dragging the military into this… that’s just sad. i guess you lot have run out of anything meaningful to say.

The track record for SunnComm is a joke, everything they done has been hacked, cracked or whatever(Charley Pride’s Album comes to mind). This company produces more snow in July then the North Pole and BMG is no better, since everything in the past that was supposed to prevent piracy backfired on them(Had to accept return CD’s) Microsoft’s DRM a year ago and as of the present lacks protection and i see at least 3-4 backdoors. 10to1 the songs make it on Kaza, Grokster before sundown.

you’ve been too generous SSPADE100. It’s more like 50:1.