BMG: "All CDs will be protected and you are a filthy pirate"

I just posted the article BMG: “All CDs will be protected and you are a filthy pirate”.

On The Register website we can read an interesting article on Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG) and EMI Germany calling their customers pirates. Here’s part of a letter send to an EMI customer…

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A couple of years ago I bought a cd. It was copy protected and didn’t work on my cd player. The store would not take it back. I then vowed to never again buy a cd as long as they keep copy protecting it. I know of several other people who have stopped purchasing cd’s for this exact same reason. If they keep this up, sales will go down even further. When will they understand that no matter how much they invest, it’s not a problem to copy the cd. Even if you do an analog copy, that’s still perfectly doable. Even if their protection is so good that not a single person in the world is able to to it, except this one guy at the other side of the globe, he makes it into mp3 files and shares them on the net. Then what good it the protection. It’s absolutely worthless. The only thing it does is it stops people from buying cd’s …

The problem is along time those companies became so big that they are in a situation where customers beg for music. We should all stop buying their products till a point where the music industry would beg for customers. In that point the music copy-protection would cease to exist, and I wonder how cheap it would be to buy a new CD…

I don’t buy CDs. I don’t copy CDs. Most albums I get are released and downloaded on the net way before they get pressed. The only people you hurt with protection are those that still buy real CDs. Protect away…no-one cares!

Love arrogrance - realm of fairytales indeed. “State OF Art” How many time have we heard companie’s boasting this claim before and has one stood up to the test of time yet? Midbar, Sunncomm et al showed arrogrance, but every piece of garbage they called protection went down the tubes and so called protected files ended up on places they never were intended for. “State Of Art” lasts only a few hours and its history, too many people out there that are willing to prove BMG WRONG.

“There are 250 Million blank CDRs and tapes bought and used this year for copying music in comparison to 213 Million prerecorded audio media. This means the owners are only being paid for 46 per cent of the musical content.” Clearly, BMG think that no-one buys blank CD-Rs for the purpose of backing up data on your computer (as I regularly do) or for making compilations of CDs they have bought. This was a huge jump for BMG to make, and is typical of the half-assed ‘statistic’ they regularly pull out of their ass. “The case you are reporting that even multiple players refuse to function can, in our experience, only originate from the realm of fairytales.” That’s a load of bollocks. I know someone with a PC, DVD Player and Samson hi-fi: copy-protecte CDs won’t play in any of them. I really, really hate BMG. They’re a bunch of cock-sucking assholes who have conpletely ignored market forces and global economics in coming up with this crap. The simple fact of the matter is this: we know that we don’t have to be exploited anymore, and we’re never going back.

Here’s what it boils down to. Anybody in this day and age that buys an RIAA produced CD is a complete fucking moron and it paying the RIAA to fuck them in the ass. Helping the artists? Bullshit. The artists see at best a nickel of that $20+ you laid down. Get a clue. All you are doing is paying the RIAA to steal your rights, copy protect CD’s and destroy P2P apps. You are the problem, not the RIAA. The RIAA can be easily crushed if we could get rid of people like you. BOYCOTT THE RIAA!

precisely fb. Lots of us have been saying that for years. :wink:

fb - who are you talking to? me???

CopyProtected CDs are not for me either for a main reason: When I’m at University, the house I stay at has a DVD player, my computer and I have a nice Goodmans portable CD player. The computer is my TV, DVD player, PC and Hi-Fi! I play everything on it. Some would say: connect your Portable CD player to the PC, but a quote from my CD player manual says ‘Plays CD-RWs and multisession Audio CDs’… Oops. :frowning: One thing left to do: Don’t bother about the protected CD - Get it off the net. It’s my last choice.

Easy Solution, don’t produce anymore music, piracy dead! Music Industry Dead! No need for new copy protection Schemes too combat this! Have a Good Day

I’m a dj and I work with 2 new Pioneer CDJ-1000 models. This is the absoulute topmodel (1500 Euro each) and the original cd’s WON’T play in it ! (like Serious Beats) So I’ve had to stop buying original cd’s … Are they happy now ??

personally I don’t like capitalism, but still, I have to wonder: what happened to the “good” old capitalist principles? the customer is the king. the customer is always right. now it seems the saying goes like this: Every human being is a potential pirate, not a potential customer. Pay for the product and get insulted for FREE! Still, I have to say the music industry is right: we don’t give a phuck about their problems. We don’t care whether metallica or Aguilera or Spears earn 1 mio this year or 10 mio. All we want is to listen to music. Personally I use my pc most of the time to play music. if I download from fasttrack and burn a cd it works in my pc. if I buy the same music on a copy protected cd it doesn’t. Ok, so there are two possibilities: either I sympathise with the music industry, with Aguilera and all the other rich people and buy a cd to make them even more rich. the cd won’t work in my pc, but that doesn’t matter as long as Shakira is satisfied. OR: I download from fasttrack, burn the cd and listen to music, which makes Pink unhappy. Difficult decision. Let me think for a couple of seconds… I think I’ll download the music, even at the risk that Eminem is unhappy about this.

ok Mr bertelsmann, boss, sir, I’ve seen the error of my ways…I’m going to feed my burner a sanding disc and from now on I’ll pay $30 for an audio CD and $80+ for a game even thought I know they are not worth 1/10 of those prices…I yam a bad person…I really will… BWAHAhahahahah…now THATS in the realm of the fairies you fuckwit…:7

Hey Sherrif… you had us all going there…!!! Realm of the fairies? They wouldn’t know what a fairy was if it bit them on the arse!!! Then again - a fairy biting one of them on the arse?? Mmmmm… Realm of the fairies!!! Cretins!! :+

Fuck BMG, maybe they should start putting out good music instead of this Backstreet Boyz and Brittany Spears shit… Im hoping they do cease to exist so the artist will produce their own shit and get the money they deserve instead of some greedy fuck behind a desk counting their money and sticking it in his safe. Thats the real place piracy is being committed… :r

I have just found this site by accident but I was incensed to read this article and was prompted to post a reply from a consumer/pirate’s point of view. OK yesterday I purchased 3 CD’s from my local Target during there 15% off sale. Nirvana’s compilation, U2’s Greatest Hits 1990-2000 and the Elvis compilation, I would have bought the U2 CD without a thought as I have all their CD’s and going back to humble cassette. I have downloaded songs from Moby and Sarah McLachlan off the Internet and would never ever of thought of purchasing any CD’s by these artistes, as I wasn’t interested in their music. However by downloading and sampling these artistes music I have become a genuine fan and have purchased both of Moby’s latest releases and also started to collect Sarah’s back catalogue, at full bloody retail price I might add due to them not being in the charts and therefore eligible for bulk sales discounts. There are other artistes who have discovered because of the Internet and even genres of music like trance, which I would never ever have experienced if it had not been for this distribution channel. THAT’S RIGHT MR BMG USE YOUR F**KING BRAIN AND THINK OUTSIDE OF THE SQUARE FOR A MOMENT! Distribution Channel I have absolutely nothing against and fully support that an artist needs to be compensated for their work and hell I have spent a small fortune helping U2, The Cure, Paul Weller and many others increase their wealth whilst mine has diminished financially but not at the expense of my enjoyment for the music that they make. So get a grip all those CDR’s out there are not a threat to the music industry because if they really were we would never have seen the cassette recorder and blank tapes, even though you f%^cking suit’s tries to stop them too as well as the VCR’s. Don’t be scared off by new technology embrace and think outside the square for a change learn from your past mistakes and indiscretions and all of our lives will benefit from it. OK Now for the IMPORTANT bit if you are still reading this look at the quote below and follow the links to read a very good article from a recording artist’s point of view. 'Without exposure, no one comes to shows, no one buys CDs, no one enables you to earn a living doing what you love. Again, from personal experience: in 37 years as a recording artist, I’ve created 25+ albums for major labels, and I’ve never once received a royalty check that didn’t show I owed them money. So I make the bulk of my living from live touring, playing for 80-1500 people a night, doing my own show" If you don’t do anything else please read this article

They add copy protection so some people stop buying. Then they say sales are down due to piracy and they need more protection so even more people stop buying. At this rate they’ll end up with CDs that have so much protection they’re unplayable on anything and people that actually like the music will have to download it. Makes me glad I don’t listen to music (only MP3s i have are of some old Monty Python stuff)

i am now deejaying all from pc &* mp3z at a local hopping club. it is my right to backup & copy cd audio material or actually quickly ripp the music onto my harddisk. does bmg or any other present recording & distributing firm realize how money the artist made in publishing fees for the airplay i gave thier songs tonight? do they even realize that i just promoted the heck out of thier artists. while some people r bragging about thier mp3 collection, most are not. they have conventional cd’s. many people come up to me & ask who is the artist on the current playing song. these people buy cd’s. i just ripped 40 of my own purchased commercial cd’s. it is down right time for these people to STOP fighting what is & begin to understand the NEW media format called harddisk. then they can begin to incorporate the web, harddisk & all other storage formats into thier commercial products. but to go backwards & just try to stop what is already happening way above thier heads, is ludicrous & basic bad business. too bad they are not putting all that copy=protection research $ into a new format called dvd-a. what will happen is cool young dudes who are totally into winmx (etc) will begin to take corporate positions & then begin to work with us & for us. that is when they will find our hard earned (& scarce) money in thier pockets joyfully once again. jeez…isn’t one war enough?

I’d like to have read the original letter that prompted such a response. I’ve a feeling it was probably biased towards piracy… Either way, I’d like this gent at BMG to explain how backing up my CD’s or putting them on my MP3 player designates me as a pirate. All legally purchased, however ruining a CD through regular use is not in my game plan. I can’t carry around the 200 CD’s I own, so I put them on my MP3 player. In the car I have CD’s, but they get scratched up… so I make a backup to keep the original. Now they expect me to pay more without those options available to me. No thank you.