BMG album copy protection is thwarted with the shift key?

I just posted the article BMG album copy protection is thwarted with the shift key?.

According to this report from , the much ballyhooed copy protected BMG album “Comin’ Where I’m From” is a hit on P2P, but not because folks want to listen…

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HAhahahahahaahahahah AHHAhhahaahahah!!! Holy $hit that is funny!!! So the money they spent on that could have gone in their profit book and not as a loss :g First was the Black Felt pen and now the Shift Key I knew that key would be useful, instead of a crouch button on one my FPS game :smiley:

Oh , they forgot to add a few lines in the cd booklet" if you want to play this cd on your pc , you MUST return your keyboard to your musicshop"! B:+M:+G

LMAO!! What will they come up with next?!

that is an old trick lol

'bout time for the CEO to resign?

One of the readers here, cdfree discovered this back in September in the story about the release of the album. I did not see that reaction then, but was alerted to it by another editor. So I guess it is true! snicker

Nice one. Disabling “autoinsert notification” does the trick, too… :stuck_out_tongue:

We should demand this copy protection on every cd. That way everyone’s happy :B

Yes, it was unbelievably simple to crack. In fact I thought at first I might have had a ‘defective’ version of MediaMax it was so easy. I’m surprised it took Princeton so long to come to the same conclusion. I can only assume they had to revise the paper so many times to remove all references to SunnComm being a bunch of idiots in case they were sued.

But, wait a minute. By saying that the copy protection can be cirvumvented pressing the shift key, aren’t you violating the DMCA? Is this article illegal in the USA? I’m not sure, just wondering…

I doubt its illegal - there is no protection installed so there is no protection to circumvent. Now, if you found a way around the protection AFTER it was installed and running, that would probably be illegal. The question to ask here is this … is it illegal to prevent copy-protection software being installed, as well as circumvented?
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No, but I bet it’s illegal in Germany now

Any decent CD writing software also disables auto-insert notification and autorun while it’s running, so for instance, CloneCD would be able to copy it as long as the MediaMax hadn’t been run prior to launching CloneCD. Does anybody know if the old Session Selector software that used to ship with Easy CD creator still works (or if there’s a new version of the utility with 6)? That should defeat ANY copy protection relying on a second (data) session on an audio CD by treating the disc as single session.

And how much money did BMG flush down the toilet for this nonsense?

BTW the penalty for this is amputation of all ten fingers.

that’s ok, i’ll still be able to hit the shift key!