Bly Ray DMR-BW750

I have just purchased a Panasonic LCD TV, and Blue Ray Disc Recorder DMR-BW750 and have them both working fine, but now wish to connect my Foxtel/Austar and more importantly my VCR which is also a Panasonic NV-SD420.

I cannot seem to figure out if I have the cabling right or ???

I put a question in last night about my Panasonic TV but no idea how to find the question now and see if there are answers to it???

Edit: I merged the two threads so Jethro’s link to the earlier one is no longer necessary.

I’m not sure you will get any helpful replies without telling us the connections that are available on all the various pieces of equipment you are using.

Looks like the OP is from Australia but I’m not sure what the connection standards are there.

Probably ‘composite video’ though.