Salve a tutti,
e da un pò che non mi collego, avrei alcune domanda da fare.

Vorrei acquistare un masterizzatore Bluray in quanto i dati archiviati ora come ora sono veramente troppi.
Avrei bisogno di un consiglio per l’acquisto di un ottimo masterizzatore Bluray Esterno e su degli ottimi supporti.

Ora, conviene prendere un masterizzatore esterno già pronto o prenderne uno interno con un kit per attaccarlo esternamente???

Inoltre io uso QPXTool per verif***** i miei supporti digitali, ma con i Bluray questo controllo si fa? e su Linux posso usare questo tool per fare il controllo?


Nessuno sa darmi qualche consiglio in merito?


Non in italiano. Mi dispiace.

Il nostro ultimo moderatore italiano non è stato qui per un paio di anni .

E questa traduzione di Google potrebbe non essere del tutto comprensibile .


I have some question to ask .

I would buy a Bluray burner since the data stored right now are really too many .
I need advice on buying a great Bluray burner Outside and excellent support .

Now , you should take an external burner ready or get one inside with a kit to attach externally ???

Also I use QPxTool to check my digital media , but with Bluray this control you ? Linux and I can use this tool to do the checking ?

And this Google translation may not be completely understandable .


Se avevo bisogno di un disco esterno , probabilmente sarei ottenere un Pioneer 209 interno e metterlo in un un recinto esterno . Ma Pioneer fa anche un drive esterno sottile che sarebbe molto meno costoso . E ’ il BDR - XD05B , e sarebbe meglio utilizzarlo con USB3 .

Anche in questo caso , le scuse per la traduzione di Google .


but an internal drive with an adapter usb3 works better than a writer already set up outside ?

And that usb3 adapter tips ?

I do not mind paying the extra money , the important thing is the quality of the burner .


The internal drives tend to be made a bit better and last longer. That is one of the main reasons for choosing them. Plus they can burn faster if that is something you want to do. I personally burn Blu-ray at 4x or 6x at most.

Getting the right enclosure is part of the problem with using an internal drive however. I would recommend one from Vantec if they are available in Italy.

If you want to use USB 3, your computer will have to have USB 3 capability built in. Most computers released in the last few years have this. I suppose you could add a USB 3 PCI-E card, but that is an added expense. A full sized external drive with its own power supply doesn’t absolutely need USB 3, and the Vantec external enclosure also has its own power adapter, so in those cases, USB 3 isn’t necessary, but will be faster.

The slim drives that rely on USB 2 for both power and data transmission can be a problem.

For best quality burns of Blu-ray, most of us would recommend Pioneer. But if you cannot get one, the LG burners are a solid second choice, and LG still makes a full sized external burner, the BE14NU40. This would be a little simpler, since you wouldn’t need a separate external case.


Purchase not possible. only the external box € 200 .
if I take an adapter usb3 - esata , there is an adapter to supply power to the recorder?


[QUOTE=iceman84;2749642]Purchase not possible. only the external box € 200 .
if I take an adapter usb3 - esata , there is an adapter to supply power to the recorder?[/QUOTE]

Don’t know the answer to using that type of adapter, as I have no experience using eSATA. But I think you’d have to have an eSATAp port on the computer: As I said, I have no experience with eSATA, so just a guess.

Since the external enclosure is so expensive, I’d look for that LG BE14NU40.

If you have a USB 3 port on your computer, I’d try to buy the Pioneer BDR-XD05B slim drive, or a similar USB 3 slim drive from LG or Samsung.

If you do not have USB 3, then you are reduced to using an add in PCI-E to USB 3 card (which might or might not work perfectly), or just go with a USB 2 drive. Many people seem to use them, but they are not our first recommendation.


In your opinion what is the best LG BE14NU40 or Pioneer BDR-XD05B .

Furthermore these supports as you seem ?,velocita_di_1-4x-_Campana_di_50pz.html

For DVD I used Mediacode Tayo Yuden but for bluray what are the best ?


Choosing between those two drives depends on personal taste as much as anything. Both companies are making good Blu-ray drives. That series of LG drives is well known around here and liked. Pioneer is the first choice in the full size drives, but I don’t know of anyone here who has used this particular slim drive. I tend to be prejudiced against the slim drives simply because they have not been very durable in our experience here at MyCE. But if I were to get a slim drive, I’d try the Pioneer first.

There is a quote from Tolkien that says, “Go not to the Elves for advice, for they will say both yes and no.” :slight_smile: I’m afraid it applies to us as well.

I would probably get the LG if the price is reasonable.

I would NOT buy those Mediarange BD-R discs. They use a Philips mid code, and Philips BD-R have a very poor reputation around here. Avoid Ritek mid code discs also.

If you can find them, Panasonic BD-R are probably the best. Falcon/FTI are good also. I use them and Verbatim. Make certain to get the HTL Verbatim. Verbatim also make a variety that uses the LTH manufacturing process and they have not been quite as good.

These are the good Verbatim:,_6x_in_un_box_di_plastica_trasparente_10_pezzi.html


Hello Iceman84.

I agree with Kerry, if possible go for a full-size drive. Pioneer would be my first choice (preferably the M/E/XL versions which can handle BD-XL discs - in the UK they cost only a few pounds more than the restricted D version), but the LG you mention is also a very good drive.

Slim drives can be good quality writers, but as Kerry mentioned they tend not to be as reliable/durable as full-size drives. Also many USB sockets cannot supply enough power for them to operate reliably.

I have an earlier Pioneer slim drive (BDR-TD03) which is an excellent writer and better made than my other slim drives (LG & Samsung DVD writers). So if you decide to get a slim drive I would suggest a Pioneer. (The Samsung SE-506CB has some serious issues writing BD-R discs at certain speeds.)

Regarding discs, the Panasonic, Falcon/FTI & Verbatim discs Kerry mentioned are very good quality. But they can be hard to find in Europe (especially the Falcon discs) and expensive.

Verbatim also have a cheaper & more widely available range of BD-R discs labelled as Verbatim [I][U]DataLife[/U][/I] (as here & here). So far these have always been CMC Magnetics BD-R discs, which don’t seem to have any stability problems. And Verbatim should be getting the better quality batches. I have been using them for over 6 months and have had no failures - they even scan better than my Falcon discs.

If you want the Verbatim BD-R with the Verbatim MID code (like the discs in Kerry’s link), look for ‘MABL’ on the label.

(Be very careful not to buy the LTH discs by mistake. They clearly say LTH on the label, but the information given by some online shops can be inadequate/misleading.)

Other brands like TDK use a mixture of discs, so you can’t be sure what you will get. It might be good quality CMC, or it might be Ritek or Philips.


Thanks for your help.
I think I will buy LG BE14NU40 .
Have external power gives me more reliability .


[QUOTE=iceman84;2749712]Thanks for your help.
I think I will buy LG BE14NU40 .
Have external power gives me more reliability .[/QUOTE]
Sounds like a good choice. I hope you will enjoy many years of happy burning with it. :smiley: