Bluray writing, LG vs Pioneer?


I’m happy with my current LG, buying another burner because I need to read blurays in my non-burning system. I have to choose between these two:


If you aren’t going to burn with it, I don’t think there is much to choose from between them. Most like the Pioneers for burning.


I have both and for non-burning there is not much difference. But overall I would prefer the Pioneer, so you can anytime switch if you have media which the LG doesn´t like


And the 08er and 09er Pioneer Generation have 10x BD-RE Readspeed.
I dont know about the Mediateks LGs 164x er / 165x er blu ray bunrers.


They both read BD Rom with 12x

The Pioneer reads BD-R with 12x too, the LG with 10x.

I own the Pioneer and it detects discs very fast and has a good error correction.



The BH16NS40 read BD-R @12x, can´t believe the BH16NS55 is slower

What I don´t know is the ripping-speed


Not sure, but I read it on their homepage.

BD-R (SL) 10x max.


There are many wrong specs …

OK, it burns -in theory- BD-R SL 16x but in the upper text 14x?

BD-RE SL it can read 10x, not 8x

And I guess it will read BD-R SL at 12x like the BH16NS40


My plan was to retire the LG I already have for reading (into another system), and buy a new one for burning. I’ve done a lot of discs, it must be getting pretty worn out by now.


My experiences were totally different, same with many manufacturers. As long it recognizes and burn all media it should be fine.

If you want a new one for burning I still recommend the Pioneer


The BH16NS55 also read BD-R @12x