BluRay Writer Recommendation

I plan to buy my first BluRay Writer. Any recommendation from your side?
Currently the Pioneer BDR-208DBK looks quite good to me but I want to take your expert input into account.

Many thanks in advance,

Judging by what I have seen, that would be a good choice.

Do take the time to look through the “blank media” forum to look for good BD-R media choices. A recently posted French lab study here is one thing to take into consideration.

Thanks for the link, I’ll go through it.
BTW: Does the BDR-208 support quality scan? I think that would be beneficial, or?

No, its not capable of quality scanning other than a transfer rate test.

If you choose a Lite-on to give you quality scanning ability, I would get a 112/312 over a 212 model for burn quality. And as you’ll see in that thread, LTH BD-R should probably be avoided. Definitely avoided with a Lite-on burner. Using high quality BD-Rs will greatly reduce any burn quality differences between the available burners, as evidenced by the Panasonic BD-R burn quality comparison in the thread I pointed to.

If you will be using the drive for watching Blu-ray, the Pioneer has a quick-load feature to reduce the wait from disc insertion to playback that serves that purpose well.