BluRay write with compression




Does anyone know of any BluRay software that will compress down to 25GB disc other than DVDFab v8.2.2.6? DVDFab won’t compress anything larger than approx 23GB. Anything smaller works great. DVDFab support will no longer help me. It happened on my 1st system, and went thru all the T/S with support and they gave up. Then I moved it to my other system and it worked great compressing and all for about 3 weeks. Now it’s got the same problem! I have AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 also, but CloneDVD only does DVD.


Sounds like dvdfab trialware ended in that amount of time, you do know one has to pay for re-encoding (compressing) part of the program?

There are other programs that will do that for free, one is called BDRebuilder, you can follow the setup guide here:


I have owned DVDFab for more than 3 years now, and have AnyDVD lifetime. DVDFab is not loyal to their customers, poor support.
I could just burn stuff that’s > 23GB to 50GB media but I don’t want to pay the cost.
I’ll check out BDRebuilder. Thanks for the info.