BluRay to Mobile option

Discovered this great product. love the ease of use. vista 64 and works great :smiley:

Is there a way to do BluRay to mobile? Can’t seem to find that option. any help is def appreciated.

Exactly which product are you talking about scottjays?

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2305322]Exactly which product are you talking about scottjays?[/QUOTE]

DVDFab6 looking for bluray to mobile option

I don’t think that exists yet in DVDFab 6, but I’m not one of their customers, so I will move this thread to the DVDFab mobile forum here at cdfreaks.

I don’t know if you can do it directly, but you can try using the BlueRay module to rip a BD to your hard drive and then DVD-to-Mobile to convert to the format of your choice. Since I don’t have a BD reader I’m afraid I can only speculate.

I think you can use File to Mobile to convert the m2ts file from the blu-ray to whatever you like. I have not tried this yet, but others have said in the forum that they have, with varying amounts of success. A direct blu-ray to Mobile option is probably in the works.

After you rip the BD to the HD, you can open the playlist for the movie. This is a .mpls file. You can directly rip the .m2ts files as well. As long as the total .m2ts files are reasonable in quantity - I have had success. However, as I posted [without any reply] with a large number of .m2ts files (182 in Star Trek Season 1) I crash DVD Fab.