BluRay Ripping?

So in the future i plan on either rebuilding a new computer, or updating my current one. I also plan on getting the WDTV HD Player (or something similar) for my living room. So my question is this…

What do i need in order to rip BluRays in 1080p into a file that will look great and still play on one of those players? Im assuming an AVI would be best, but i think those players usually play mkv, mp4, etc too.

Aside from the obvious things like a BluRay Rom for my pc, i already use AnyDVD currently. What else would i need? I’ve read something about needing specific vids cards, monitors, etc, that support blurays to just watch them on a pc to begin with… any ideas? thanks in advance!

I have something similar I set up for my dad. I found that DVDFab 6 is a great ripper, HDConverttoX is an awesome transcoder to mkv using H264 and the best player is most definitely the popcorn A-110 although they have a slightly newer model coming out right now.

Also, I think you need to understand that avi, mkv, and mp4 are just containers, with codec based movie media in it, such as the H264 type I mentioned just before.

I recommend using AnyDVD HD over DVDFab since Fab has no support for BD+ protection found on many blu ray movies.

There are quite a few good tools for working with HD material from blu ray movies these days. You should look at a program called MakeMKV, which is still free while in beta.

To remove sections that you might not want to include in your .mkv file, you can use tsMuxeR or ClownBD prior to putting the video in an .mkv container.

Just remembered another favorite of mine, handbrake for transcoding from the m2ts to whatever you so choose. Both are freeware which is also a nice perk!!!

Do you have a budget for this? Might help others give more suggestions knowing if you want to stay free or don’t mind purchasing software.

i dont mind purchasing software… obviously cheaper is better, but if a few more bucks gets me better bang in a program i’ll for it. aside from software tho… what do i need to have hardware wise on the pc side? thanks again for the help!

You’ll need both a videocard and monitor that support HDCP, and they are quite common these days. You’ll need to hook up the monitor with a dvi cable (or hdmi) rather than using the analog d-sub connector.

Its best to have a video card that has enough horsepower that you can use hardware acceleration for playing back hd material, but again that is very common on midrange to high end cards anymore. This was more of a problem a few years ago when such cards were scarce and the computer cpu’s weren’t quite as fast as they are now.

A blu ray drive, as you noted, is required. And you’ll need software for playback. Most blu ray drives come with a crippled version of PowerDVD. It will playback video just fine, but won’t take advantage of the full range of audio found in blu ray movies. The full version of PowerDVD can do this, as well as WinDVD and Arcsoft Total Theater 3.

perfect… looks like i need to buy more than i thought… thanks for clarification.

quick question… this is the vid card i currently have
Am i good with this? its a few years old, but for now, will it work for me in my quest to rip blurays? it says HDCP READY, but is that good enough?

thanks again in advance!

Looking through Cyberlink’s list of cards and processors that are recommended for blu ray playback, both the cpu and video card listed in your signature meet or slightly exceed minimum specifications.

If you are not watching them on the computer, then you don’t need to worry about this. You can rip the disks and transfer them to your media player without having to meet those specs. Helps to be able to preview the videos though, to check for problems before transferring the files.