Bluray Players dead in 5 years



This is an article from a respected Tech journalist, what do you think?


Its a good thing that tech journalists don’t control the marketplace. Or in this case even have any knowledge of it.


They assume of course that everyone in the world has a fast and reliable internet connection, and this isn’t the case. Even if you do have a fast connection, the quality of the streaming movies will have to get MUCH better.

There is also something special about having an actual physical product in your hand. One that you can play over and over whenever you feel like it, and know that the picture and sound quality is going to be first class.

I think BD and DVD will be around a lot longer than 5 years.


Possible in some country’s that have very fast internet connections, but highly unlikely to happen over the next five years.
Also we have 4K coming that will require even more bandwidth. So BD’s and other optical media will be with us for a few more years.

The only part in this article that i believe it can happen relatively soon is the struggle from camera manufacturers to sale [B]Low-end digital cameras[/B].


[QUOTE=Dee;2716124]They assume of course that everyone in the world has a fast and reliable internet connection, and this isn’t the case. Even if you do have a fast connection, the quality of the streaming movies will have to get MUCH better.[/QUOTE]

And to add to this,they also assume that everyone has uncapped bandwidth…it’s hard to believe that people with such “tech” background have such a narrow view about it…:bigsmile:


Our Internet connection is practically useless for streaming as the DSL intermittently drops every evening. This is the main reason we have not bothered to try Netflix or any other pay streaming service. It’s not just my line either, as most of my neighbours have the same problem and has been on-going for nearly a year now. Anyone who tried complaining to Eircom (or Errorcom as I heard someone nickname them) got practically nowhere other than ending up with spare replacement routers, splitters, etc. that don’t fix the problem.

Even if the DSL interruptions are fixed, I have a 5Mb DSL link and there is no sign of this ever being upgraded as neither Eircom nor any other broadband provider has any interest in most rural regions. They are all endlessly competing against either other in urban regions boasting speeds up to 120Mb. For example, Eircom’s basic broadband service is 70Mb in Letterkenny. The same DSL package here is 1Mb. :Z

As for watching movies and box sets, we’re still on DVD and have no plans of ever upgrading to Blu-ray. When our 15-year DVD player finally broke down a few months ago, we just picked up another DVD player. I watch very little TV and although my family watch movies and box sets, they don’t find anything wrong with DVD’s picture quality. It wouldn’t surprise me if many DVDs have a better picture quality than the over-compressed HD content streamed online. :wink:


Here they set a secret cap at 250 gig a month and they could just boot you off forever if you went over that.
Geeks found out about it and forced them to admit it was in place and add a meter you can access to make sure where your usage is at. Last I heard they have disabled the cap as they want to have everyone do more streaming and video type stuff that would bury their caps in place.
Luckily I have about 25 meg down with my service and I don’t think I’ve ever cam close to hitting their cap. Pretty sure it originally was in place so they could catch hackers and video pirates downloading lots of movies and things but now that everyone has net flicks and others here things have to change.
My net bill is about 50 a month and is cable based so I have a triple play package with TV, Net, and Phone for a OK price.
Everyone needs to let other providers into their markets and the competition alone will drive down prices and make the service better as newcomers compete on price and speed.
As far as no more Blu Ray I doubt it as I don’t want to rely on cloud based or anything else where your basically renting all your content and if anything goes wrong or you miss a payment all your files get locked up or deleted.


never saw any reason to update to blue ray


Someone been hitting the koolaid bar pretty hard nowdays…and also in the US not everyone can get broadband and if they could it’s cost prohibited so the report needs to get a reality check and go to the boonies and try to use their wifi computer and see what they see when one means a dead zone…they live in the big cities and talk like everyone can afford or get broadband but fail to notice all the homeless people living right below their high rise apartments…maybe they should spend their stories talking and making politicians facing those real problems or showing how big corporate ISP are taking the the public tax dollars for the big ride…aka … pork barrel…and giving us Tax payers 3rd world internet…


[QUOTE=samlar;2716437]never saw any reason to update to blue ray[/QUOTE]

I thought the same until I started watching TV in HD and never looked back.

Blu-ray was inevitable for me after that. :slight_smile:



For gosh sakes Bluray is old Tech now with 4K on the horizon, open your eyes people, you may just enjoy it.:iagree:


I would rather see Xfinity, our cable provider, give me bluray quality 1080p video instead of overly compressed 4k and the nasty looking signal they now try to pawn off as 1080i.


[QUOTE=alan1476;2716459]For gosh sakes Bluray is old Tech now with 4K on the horizon, open your eyes people, you may just enjoy it.:iagree:[/QUOTE]

Not trying to rain on the party but there are downside that needs to be known as well. Badside until fiber goes 4K that is a hard sell though. And the cost of 4K LED wow…that isn’t cheap either…there alot of other more important things for me to spend my hard earn dough on and that is my Auto and Bills that the 4K doesn’t pay for me to live and make a living from. It all sounds good to have but there are more important things in life besides 4K. LP is still around and Cassette Tape and VHS are still there and those were suppose to go away but nope they are still lingering here. CDs are still here along with DVD but also around the world not everyone can get 4K they just got mobile to those who can finally afford it so 4K has it limits in the market til the world internet is truly 4K/Fiber - it may be new but doesn’t give everyone access. Also if someone buys me a 4K entertainment system I will gladly take it free of charge or commitment no strings attached. Alot of those other formats was to supersede the other but instead was sold just right along side of each other.