Bluray media that gives you full-space burn with LG WH10LS30



I’ve used and been happy with two shipments of ‘Optical Quantum 25GB 4X BD-R 25 Packs’ but the problem is I don’t get the full spec amount of space to burn. Only 23098MB (~22.56GB) as opposed to the 23866MB (~23.3GB) that I assume other BD-R’s give you. Can anyone that has used the WH10LS30 drive give me a name brand (memorex, verbatim, etc.) of media that will definitely give me the full amount of space. I’ve been using Nero 10.2 to burn.



That does not only depend on the media itself but also on the chosen Filesystem and the content you try to burn.
I wouldnt care about those lousy few mb.


Normally I don’t care about the size but in this case there is a single video file (an .mkv) that I can’t edit or trim to get it to fit on 22.56Gb disc but will on a 23.3GB one. My OS is WinXP, NTFS filesystem. Chef are you saying there is program that would allow me to choose a filesystem for a BD-R disc burn that might get me better results?


You could try UDF 2.5 for the burn. Windows XP doesn’t support UDF 2.5 natively, not for reading files, so you would probably need to install the Toshiba UDF 2.5 drivers from the last post in this thread:

And you should really look into a free program called ImgBurn for burning blu ray media. You can select file system by clicking on Options in the main window of ImgBurn.


Thanks a lot for the drivers Kerry. I was just about to sit down to dabble with ImgBurn.

edit: Hey! I’m no longer a rookie, so 50 posts is when that changes.


And did it work with imgburn??


I still need to add one small track to the file before I burn it. When I ultimately try the burn I’ll post. On the hopeful side, ImgBurn does read that the disc has 23.3Gb of space but on the other the ‘Test Mode’ feature won’t work with BD-R.


Maybe an idea, but do you have BD-RE handy?


No BD-RE’s, I haven’t had a real need for them. Plus they’re still too expensive.


I think in this case it could be handy.


Finally got around to burning it and I’m happy to say that it worked. I was able to use the full 23.3GB of space with ImgBurn. I didn’t end up needing to the 2.5 UDF drivers; the only setting I needed to change was instead of using the file system ‘ISO9660+UDF’ just using ‘UDF’ ver. 1.02. The burn was verified and the data was fully readable by my drive. Plus the burn and verification time was less than half of what I had been used to with Nero. So success, and thanks again to both for your help.


how to add files and directories in imageburn? same as nero?


Just select the ‘Write files/folders to disc’ option then drag all that you want to burn into the big white ‘Source’ window.


will try. then it want’s to BUILD?


Yes then click build, its the same icon used with the ‘Write files/folders to disc’ option.


works!!! mucho thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

what do you people think of XLAYER media BD-R 25GB 4X?


Your Welcome!
But this isn’t the right place to ask about media so follow these steps:

  1. Put a blank BD disc in your drive, open imgburn and select the verify option.
  2. Then look at the scrollable side window (Not the Log at the bottom) and under ‘BD Disc Information’ there is the ‘Disc ID’. That is the only real way to identify a disc.
  3. You should create a new thread in the Blank Optical Media section and always include the Disc ID as well as any other info you have.