BluRay discs developing 'BluRot'..?

I just posted the article BluRay discs developing ‘BluRot’…?.

Perhaps it is time to start picking up on a developing thread over on AVS forums, where several members are reporting the apparent premature decay of Blu-ray BD-ROM movie titles. Reading these…

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Interesting. Apparently blu-ray productions issues prevented the Matrix and Batman Begins blu-ray titles from being release recently. I wonder if its for related reasons. However, even though I am a HD DVD supporter I do believe this is a hoax or false alarm. Since it was specific to certain titles (so far) it seems likely that it is a problem with a specific production run.

Salient point from the thread is that since the specs are also over the hub, it is something wrong with the hard coat, and not something wrong with the media layers.

Keep in mind that hard coat is REQUIRED for Blu-Ray discs because the data is so close to the surface. I’m surprised this hasn’t happened long before now. HD-DVD on the other hand has the same physical construction characteristics as regular DVDs and hard coat is unnecessary.

And how many countless CD’s have I seen like this. Do we see similar news items and threads on it when we have such little amounts… think outside the square guys. Seems like there is a massive marketing effort against Sony lately with the PS3 and all… lol. Until I see consistent failures and massive problems I’d be erring on the side of it being a small minor production issue.

On the other hand the BD coating layer is 0.1mm unlike DVD and HD DVD’s that 0.6mm …

“Posted by N4CR (guest) on Monday 18 June 2007 05:38 And how many countless CD’s have I seen like this. Do we see similar news items and threads on it when we have such little amounts…” I have been buying CDs for 20 years and have never seen one with "Rot

This is just one more nail in Blu-ray’s coffin. My mind was set to wait until the smoke cleared a bit before I made the jump from DVD to high-definition discs. However, Blu-ray keeps stumbling and on Saturday my wife asked what I wanted for Father’s Day. I said I wanted “Planet Earth” on HD DVD. Now, I don’t have an HD DVD player or a plasma/lcd screen but I will in the next few months and I didn’t see the point in buying it on DVD. From what I hear this HAS to be seen in hi-def and I’ve now made the decision to put my substantial purchasing muscle behind HD DVD. :slight_smile:

CD rot WAS big news when it was first discovered about 20 years ago. We just didn’t have forums like CD Freaks to post on. I’ve had a few CDs and a few LDs with rot problems, but I have a friend who lost several titles from a particular artist that were all pressed at Discovery Systems.

Since the label of a CD is very thin I’ve seen this happen on abused CDs. The label gets damaged, air gets to the aluminum, and it turns black over a period of several years. Used CD stores sometimes miss this. A thin coating of nail polish over the damaged pars of a CD stops this.

This is nothing new unfortunately. I’ve seen it with CDs, DVDs and I expect that I’ll see it in my own Blu-Ray media eventually also. HD DVD is also susceptible. It’s an optical media thing.

Say didn’t I see some where , a mention that Blu-Ray media actually uses a layer of ultra thin silver rather than aluminum for it’s reflective surface , and we all know what happens to silver in the presence of a common car exhaust pollutant called hydrogen sulphide! Rotten eggs anyone? :X