Bluray burner or Bluray drive only to rip?

I’m a bit confused. Is it possible to use a bluray drive (read only) to rip discs or must it be a bluray burner?:doh:

Yes it is possible to use a BD-Rom drive instead of a burner to rip Blu Ray movies. You’ll need ripping software for it as well. I recommend AnyDVD HD for this.

Blu-ray drives (non-burners) can be used to rip, but if you can afford it, I’d recommend getting the Pioneer BDR-205 (burner) anyway. Apart from being able to burn Blu-rays, It can read BD-R (single and double layer) and BD-ROM (single and double layer) all at 8x. It has the same chipset as the LG BH10, which can read BD-R SL at 10x, so there’s a possibility that future MCSE firmware will be able to get the BDR-205 to do that as well.

If you can only afford a reader (or want to save money) and have a little more patience for wait times, I’d go for the Lite-On iHES-208.

Thanks! You guys have helped me beyond words.