BluRay Boys at it again!



X-PROTECT blueTM: A new innovative & comprehensive copy
protection for Blu-ray Disc released by X-PROTECT stops piracy on
the new high definition format.

Newport Beach, CA (June 9, 2008) – Blu-ray Disc has won the format
war and is now the defined standard for the next generation high
definition home-movie. X-PROTECT is announcing its latest addition to
its proven and established product line-up, X-PROTECT blueTM, a
comprehensive copy protection solution for Blu-ray Disc. X-PROTECT
will show the first production samples immediately to interested
parties and will be ready for mass-implementation in Q3 of this year.

In an effort to secure the new format of the future, X-PROTECT, a
leading manufacturer and distributor of anti-piracy-protection systems
for DVDs and DVD-Rs, known for its proven protection DVD-Movie-
PROTECTTM, today introduced X-PROTECT blueTM, a solution designed
to combat illegal piracy on Blu-ray Discs.

X-PROTECT blueTM is of no impact to the end- consumer and works on
both HDMV and BD-J Blu-ray Discs. One of the key advantages is the
high flexibility of the solution, as it can be easily and frequently
updated to stop new piracy attacks in its tracks. It supports all Blu-ray
profiles, as well all existing and future stand-alone Blu-ray players, PC
players and Playstation 3, securing the quality of the material and compatibility.

X-PROTECT blueTM is 100% compliant, fulfills all Blu-ray
requirements and specifications and works in combination with AACS.
This solution is implemented seamlessly into the current workflow and
does not impact the authoring and replication process. To secure the
highest security standards the material stays within the normal secure
environment and does not need to be sent out to any offsite facility. X-
PROTECT blueTM is pressing plant independent and can be
implemented at any facility without the need to buy any additional
equipment or encoding lines.

Available in North America through the company’s offices in Newport
Beach, CA, X-PROTECT blueTM is part of X-PROTECT’s comprehensive
line of anti-piracy protection solutions, including DVD-Movie-


Here’s my take on this:

  1. They finally realized that their encryption wasn’t unbreakable.

  2. With VM and Java or BD-J this means if they want they can release the same title we’ll use Lord Of The Rings as an example. Your copy protection can be different from mine and so on even though we have all got the same title no encryption could be the same. Just a theory and hope the studios don’t get ideas?

  3. Now if the disc can’t be copied it will be harder to rule out it being a bad disc.

  4. Well as posted earlier this week (I think) China has made use of some awesome codecs to still use Standard DVD’s and they now have SL DVD’s that are 4.85 gigs in size plus they are working on 3D now and the television makers are working on this as well for the home. This may be China’s ability to stomp on the whole BluRay thing.


I doubt that they can create an individual protection for each pressed disc. I would read it as that the protection can be upgraded in the same way as it’s done with current DVDs, but the same protection schema would be on the same pressed batched DVD collection.

The current versions of this protection system on the DVDs, seems not create any hard work for the circumvent companies, like Slysoft, DVDFab and the other.


All this will end up doing is costing the consumer more to purchase the movie.

Damn it’s a shame…