Bluray - 4 vs 6x on 6 media, and gaming while burning?

I’ve been burning at 4x verbatims with my benq burner for a long time and got sick of how long it takes, now trying at 6x, buffers hold up just fine. I think I read somewhere that it’s actually better to burn at the max speed of the media?

Also been playing a game that uses 16% of the cpu and 1gb ram - I got buffer drops when it was on the same drive as the data I was burning, so I moved it and now everything goes fine - is this an indication that my burns will turn out fine? It’s not a very demanding game, only loads data from hard drive every 15 minutes or so, and graphics are mostly sprites with static backgrounds.

Finally, only way to test how good my burns are is with imgburn? Seeing I don’t have a liteon drive… I use nero because I hate the fact that you can’t create folders etc within the imgburn interface. It’s not very user-friendly.

In Theory nothing can happen because all drives of the last 15 years should have a buffer underrun prevention. But some drives mess up if it stop burning x-times because the buffer always gets empty.

U can make a burn and start gaming, after that you can take a look how long it takes. If it is a similar time like a burn without gaming it should be no problem.

Without a drive which can scan it is hard to see how good the burn really is. All drives should be able to make a transfer test with CDSpeed, if the speed never drops and no read error it´s a sign that the burn is at least not that bad. You can also use the scan-function in CDSpeed to see whether it´s all green.

But a drive for quality scan like a Liteon ihbs x12 or a specila LG-drive (or crossflashed BH16NS55 to WH16NS58) is still the best way to test burn quality.

My experience is 4x-burns with BD-R is mostly better than 6x, but with good media the difference is not that big

Which drives and which media u use?

Benq bh14ns40 and verbatim lth (the non-organic one). In cdspeed, what should I set the max read speed to?

LTH is organic, HTL is anorganic

Set read speed to max, it´s more stress for the media/drive. The transfer curve should be without bigger speed drops