Bluetooth used to help track concert attendees

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Researchers from Belgium’s University of Ghent are using Bluetooth technology to help track attendees of the Werchter rock festival, though there are concerns of privacy issues related to the…

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Any technology that eliminates humans from the process and turns it over to malware-infested Windows systems is a good thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Then I guess we should better use Linux based systems and then we would have to worry about nothing; sneeking through our privacy would be guaranteed to be flawless… geez:rolleyes:

Just turn off the Bluetooth radio on your phone when you go to a concert. You can’t hear anything but the concert anyway, earpiece or not.

And for a few days later … and then when you’re 40 … that wonderful hissing noise …

But hey! They’re only tracking us down to the nearest 30m … right, right?
I’m sure that no-one cares about the abuses to privacy that this is leading to - it’s not like there is an array of Mobile/Cell towers that can already track us with our mobile phones … nor that marketters have already installed bluetooth devices everywhere to spew out propaganda … but could be used to track our location/buying patterns …