Bluetooth USB adapter

I have recently purchased a Samsung A401 mobile Phone. I wish to download photos from the camera to my PC. Made inquires at a electronic store, the suggested a computer cable . Since coming home (nearest elect store 50klms) and reading the samsung booklet there is mention of sending photos by bluetooth. What is the best cable or bluetooth UWSB adapters and any suggestions on different quality of Bluetooth USB adapter.

Hello nazy2, well I do not know what is the best usb bluetooth device is but I have one from Val Gear. It called GXT USB 2.0 bluetooth dongle. It worked great and I was able to download pictures and videos from my phone to the computer but I have not used it since I purchased my bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I live in Canada so I not know where you can purchase or how much it cost you. I only paid $30 canadian plus taxes from Future Shop.

Thank you GJ . I live in a small town on the Queensland (Australia) coast, so I have to rely on the internet in between visits to the nearest city.